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I'm Sarah Cornforth, The Magickal Creatrix, creator of the only online lunar community designed to help you support your personal growth and spiritual evolution one lunar cycle at a time.

Whether you're new to astrology and working with the Moon, or have been following her cycles for some time, you've landed in the right place.
I've helped hundreds of women discover who they truly are by connecting with the cosmic cycles and exploring the power of the Moon.

If you're looking for a place to start working with the Moon, or a way to enhance your current lunar practice, dive in and take a look around.

Sarah Cornforth The Magickal Creatrix

May's Cosmic Lunar Forecast

For the early part of May, the primary energy felt is due to the solar and lunar eclipses. Eclipse energy is more intense and lasts longer. This means the work we do at the new and full moons is more powerful, with greater potential and impact. The new Moon partial solar eclipse in Taurus encourages the art of patience. While the full Moon in Scorpio takes us into the shadows to explore things on a deeper level.

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