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The Moon

  • Working with the Phases of the Moon provides am amazing structure to explore the Magickal cycles of nature and the cosmos.
Free Moon Bundle
Free Moon Bundle

Grab your essential guide to working with the phases of the Moon.

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The Magickal Moon Club
The Magickal Moon Club

The Magickal Moon Club is a monthly subscription online learning library and community which gives you everything you need to know about working with the energy of the Moon for the month ahead.

Magick & Creativity

  • Tapping into the energy of the Earth and the Magick that flows all around us can guide us down a Witchy path of wonder and excitement.
  • And not forgetting the power of putting pen to paper and Journaling our way to happiness, success, and spiritual evolution.
Lunar Witchcraft Creative Journaling
Lunar Witchcraft Creative Journaling

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New Moon in Sagittarius – Adventure Awaits

During the New Moon in Sagittarius we are being asked “where is the fun in your life?” If things have become a little stale and boring then now is the time to find your sense of adventure!

New Moon in Scorpio – Transformation

October New Moon in Scorpio – Magickal Transformation At the time of the New Moon the Sun and the Moon are at the same point in the sky making the Moon difficult to see from the Earth. Just as the dark sky has a specific energetic vibration so does the dark moon. Darkness can be…