Hi, I'm Sarah, 

It's a pleasure to introduce myself to you. I'm an Astrologer, Creatrix and life enhancement enthusiast. Plus, I'm a total nerd!

But that's not all. I'm also a proud dog mum to my two beautiful fur-babies. They bring me so much joy and are a constant reminder of the beauty and love that surrounds us.

If you'd like to know more about me and my interests, check out my ‘About Me’ page.

I'm excited to connect with you!

Sarah 💜

Upcoming Moons

Check out the next four new and full Moons below, or go to the New and Full Moon Calendar 2023 for all 25 Moons of the year. 

Full Moon in Virgo - 7th March

Full Moon in Virgo brings many opportunities: focus, productivity, organisation, healing, and self-reflection. It can help us gain a new perspective and make meaningful changes, enabling us to live our best life. Read More....

New Moon in Aries - 21st/22nd March

The new moon in Aries is an opportunity to take action and manifest dreams, breaking through any barriers that may have been holding you back and moving forward with confidence and clarity. Read More....

Full Moon in Libra - 5th/6th April

The full moon in Libra is a time to create balance and harmony within ourselves and our relationships, and to manifest our dreams through positive vibrations. Read More....

Total Solar Eclipse New Moon in Aries - 19th/20th April

Make this Aries new moon count! Set intentions, manifest goals, and create something new. Embrace the energy and make it a fresh start. Read More....