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Sarah Cornforth The Magickal Creatrix

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January 2022 Moons

SUPER New Moon in Capricorn

Date: 2nd January @ 18:33 UK Time

Position: @ 12.19 degrees in Capricorn

Theme: For the Love of Planning

Full Moon in Cancer

Date: 17th January @ 23:48 UK Time

Position: @ 27.5 degrees in Cancer

Theme: Feel the Present Moment

The New and Full Moons of 2022 Calendar

Each New and Full Moon has a different energy and theme based on the sign of the zodiac it is happening in.

During 2022, we have: 13 New Moons, 12 Full Moons, 2 Lunar Eclipses, 2 Solar Eclipses, 1 black Moon, 4 Super Moons. 

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Throughout the calendar year, the energy ebbs and flows. The influence of these energies is felt around us, whether we realise it or not. Sometimes it's supportive, and at other times is can be challenging. But regardless of the energy and its impact on us, we still must navigate it with the aim of coming out the other side wiser and more experienced than we went in. Find out more about how I created a system to explore the energies of the year.

17th - 23rd January

17th - 23rd January Cosmic Forecast - Full Moon in Cancer

We begin this week with a Full Moon in the sign of Cancer. Over the weekend, the energy continued to build, but it will quickly drop again as the Full Moon triggers a void of course Moon. Void of course Moon energy encourages stillness and reflection. When triggered by a full Moon, the full Moon experience becomes short lived and over as quickly as it begins, making the build up to the full Moon more important than the full Moon itself. 

Have you always wanted to understand the astrology of the time you were born? Your birth chart is the place to start, but first you need to know how to get an accurate free chart to play around with. In this article, I show you step by step how to get yours.

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