12 Things to do on a Full Moon

There are a lot of great things you can do to celebrate and enjoy the energy of the Full Moon every cycle.

Each month, I like to choose a couple of things which resonate with me at the time and I give myself permission to take time out to honour the Moon, her energy, her guidance and myself too.

Working with the Moon has been transformation for me and the simple act of marking off time in my calendar at every new and full moon to check in with myself and respect my needs, dreams, goals and desires is a big part of that.

My Moon work is my promise to myself which I never fail to keep, because it works.

The simple act of taking a long cleansing bath, followed by some journaling and pulling my tarot cards is all it takes for me to connect with the energy of the Moon and also connect with myself. And let’s face it, we often ask others how they are doing before asking ourselves the same question. Don’t you agree?

Working with the Moon has been a process of self-discovery, healing and learning for me and I feel blessed to now guide others in the same beautiful practice.

Not sure what to do on the next Full Moon……then here’s some ideas for you.

12 Things to do on a Full Moon

1. Charge your crystals

Putting your crystals on a windowsill or outside will allow them to charge by the light of the moon. Putting your crystals out to absorb the energy of the Full Moon is a way of purifying their vibration making them more effective at doing the job you programme them to do.

Here’s how I do it:

  1. I wash my crystals under running water and dry them.
  2. I then create space on my windowsill and lay them out ready for the Full Moon energy that evening
  3. The next day I collect them all up and put them back where I keep them.
  4. Any crystals I want to work with I hold in my hands and set my intention for that crystal.
  5. Sometimes I leave my crystals out for a couple of nights if I feel drawn to do so as the energy of the Full Moon is with us for around three days.

2. Make a wish

Both the new and full moon’s are great for making wishes. I tend to use the New Moon more than the Full Moon for this practice as that feels right for me. There is no wrong way to make a wish so trust your intuition here. Moon energy is great for giving those wishes a boost and depending on what sign of the zodiac the Moon is in you can tailor your wishes accordingly to be in the cosmic flow.

Here’s how I do it:

  1. I create a nice sacred space for myself with candles, incense and music, picking a quiet time of the day or night to make my wishes
  2. I take a piece of paper and cut it up into a few small pieces
  3. On each small piece I write my wishes
  4. I make a promise to myself that I will take action to work towards making my dreams and wishes come true
  5. I then keep my wishes somewhere safe such as on my alter or in my journal
  6. At the next New Moon or Full Moon I then review my wishes and decide if I am wishing for it again the following cycle.

Some wishes take time to manifest and there’s nothing wrong with wishing for the same thing multiple times. Just check in with yourself and make sure that you are in alignment with what you want and you are actively doing what is required to make those wishes come true. For example, if you wish to sell you house, that’s a big wish and isn’t going to happen over night. Plus you need to take action steps to put your house up for sale, make changes to make it appealing to potential buyers and start looking for your next property. Each step tells the universe that this is what you want and the power of manifestation begins.

3. Tie up loose ends

As the Full Moon is all about completion, this is a great time to tie up loose ends, complete jobs and projects and finish any spellwork.

I like to use the Full Moon to look back at what I’ve achieved, where things worked and didn’t work and make decisions on the changes I need to make to move forward.

Whether you’ve been working on a project, task or spell, the Full Moon is a great time to bring things to a close……if the time is right to do so of course.

4. Meditate

Using the energy of the full moon to meditate and take time out for introspection. Meditating during a full moon helps to promote feelings of calm and stillness.

I’m rubbish at meditating on a regular basis so I use the new and full Moon’s to enjoy this practice. All it takes is 20 minutes of your time to connect with yourself and the energy of the Full Moon and you will really benefit from it.

Meditate with the Moon

Inside the Magickal Moon Club I share New and Full Moon meditations with the group members which supports connecting with the specific energy of the Moon for that month. You can find out more about the Magickal Moon Club by clicking the link below.

Meditate with the Moon

5. Take a moonbeam bath

This is as simple as it sounds, but you may need to get wrapped up warm for this one depending on where in the world you live and what time of year it is.

Sitting outside at night and basking in the moonlight is a wonderful way to connect with yourself, nature and the energy of the moon. I love a moon bath!

What if it’s cloudy? Don’t worry as the lunar energy is still there it’s just not visible to us. Don’t let a cloudy sky stop you.

6. Take a relaxing bath

Use sea salt or Himalayan pink salt to create a cleansing bath. If bathing is not your thing, get some sea salt soap and take a shower instead.

I’m more of a shower person than a bath person. However on the new and full moon’s I like to enjoy a soak in the bath with candles, some music, herbs, oils and salts. I feel so reset and rejuvenated from doing this.

7. Throw a full moon celebration

Get outside with friends, light a fire and enjoy the energy of the moon as a collective.

I LOVE any excuse for a fire pit in the garden and getting outside means you’re enjoying a moonbath too!

8. Read your cards

As the full moon has long been associated with divination and fortune telling, it’s a great time to give yourself a tarot or oracle card reading. You may find your psychic powers and intuition increased at this time to make your reading super powerful.

Full Moon Tarot Readings

Inside the Magickal Moon Club I create an exclusive tarot and oracle card spread for every new and full moon which taps into the specific energy of the moon at that time. This is a great way to deep dive into the lessons we are being guided to learn during that phase, as each full moon has a different lesson for us which is themed by the sign of the zodiac the Moon is in.

Full Moon Tarot Readings

9. Dream journaling and astral travel

Dreams are more powerful under the full moon and with a bit of help from a herb bag of Mugwort placed under your pillow, you can increase your abilities to travel within your dream world. Just remember to make a note of your dreams when you wake up the next morning and spend time deciphering the messages.

10. Forgiveness ritual

This is the perfect time to forgive and let go. Spend time visualising forgiving anyone whom you hold any resentment or grudges against. Go through each person in turn and forgive and release the negative feelings.

Also, something else to consider is that you may not need to forgive someone you know, but instead turn it around and forgive yourself. We are often mean to ourselves on a regular basis, setting achievable goals and generally making life harder than it needs to be. Be kind and forgive yourself for everything at the Full Moon so you can start again with a nice clean slate.

11. Be grateful

Make a list of everything you are grateful for right now, then read through the list really feeling the gratitude running through you for each item on the list.

Having a hard time and finding it challenging to be grateful? Then just pick one thing that you probably take for-granted such as having hot water in the shower, coffee for when you woke up or warm clothes in the winter weather.

12. Cast a spell

For the witchy among us, this is a perfect time for spell-casting as it’s a magically potent day. Set some time aside to cast your spell. Will it be one for love, prosperity, health or happiness? The choice is yours.

If you’re looking for some Moon Spells then I highly recommend the following two books:

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