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My Favourite Tarot & Oracle Decks of 2020

I love collecting decks and each year there are some favourites which stand out and some decks purchases that really make my heart sing. 

In this article, I share my favourite tarot & oracle decks of 2020.

Me and My Decks

I consider myself a collector of decks. I love the variety of incredible designs and systems available these days. 

There is literally a deck for everything making collecting more fun than ever. 

Many of my decks come from seeing other people using them on social media and ‘seeing them in action’. 

Looking for an inspiring new deck? Then check out my favourites of 2020. 

What’s the Best Deck?

I am often asked for recommendations for the best deck for starting out with cards whether it’s oracle or tarot. 

I find this really hard to answer for a couple of reasons. When I first began working with cards I was given recommendations for ‘suitable’ beginner decks. Some I still use today and others have never resonated with me at all. 

Yes, there are deck which will make learning the tarot or getting started with cards easier than others, however, I really feel that the biggest deciding factor for choosing a deck is the way it makes you feel. 

Often the only way to find out how a deck feels is to give it a test drive…..and that’s where ‘collecting’ decks inevitably starts. 

Deck Inspiration

Whether working with decks is new to you or like a sixth sense I’ve got some deck-inspiration for you to enjoy! I’ve also included links to reviews of some decks for added insight. I hope you enjoy this resource and find something exciting to add to your deck collection.

Tarot Decks

Decks I’ve Used and Enjoyed this Year

Murder of Crows Tarot

Corrado Roi

I pre-ordered this deck as soon as I saw the images. I love the dark and moody artwork and the way the deck makes you feel as though you’re on a journey with the company of crows. The guidebook even describes them as your communicators between this world and another where the messages and guidance lies.

I am currently exploring the murder of crows as a study deck and working through each card and it’s meaning for me in the present moment. This may go on for a number of months but I enjoy the process.

I recommend this deck if you like things a little darker and love using your imagination to step into other worlds and realms. 

Ostara Tarot

Molly Applejohn, Eden Cooke, Krista Gibbard, Julia Iredale

This deck has been with me for a couple of years. After a gap in using it I picked it up again this month (November 2020) and I know I will be working with it for a while. 

This deck is a great mix of traditional and modern with incredible artwork and gorgeous energy. It’s light but also to the point so don’t let it’s pretty box and artwork fool you, this deck means business if you’re prepared to do the work. 

I recommend this deck for general readings, daily card draws and learning the tarot

Check out this review by Benebell Wen for more insight into the Ostara Tarot 

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Next World Tarot

Cristy C. Road

This deck is incredibly powerful, political, thought-provoking and revolutionary. When I work with this deck I feel like an activist of some sort, standing up for a cause or a belief. 

I recommend this deck if you enjoy decks which are modern, raw and ass kicking.

Tarot Decks

Decks I’ve Purchased this Year and Not Yet Worked With

The Cosmic Slumber Tarot

Tillie Walden

I just couldn’t resist the gorgeous colourful artwork and cute box for this deck. Although at the time of writing this I’ve not worked with the deck at all I have a feeling we are going to be firm friends. 

I recommend this deck if you love colour and the traditional Ryder Waite Smith structure

Check out this Review by Benebell Wen for more insight on The Cosmic Slumber Tarot

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Hush Tarot

Jeremy Hush

This is another deck I’ve not worked with yet so my comments are based on the decks initial appeal which was the artwork. The stunning images of animals, plants and people are in a style from the 19th century giving the deck and aged but wise feel to it. 

I recommend this deck for anyone who loves this style of artwork

Oracle Decks

Decks I’ve Regularly Used this Year

Seasons of the Witch Samhain Oracle

Lorriane Anderson & Giada Rose

This deck has blown my mind. It is a strong and powerful oracle deck with profound meanings to the cards giving plenty of scope for exploration and deep diving. 

I recommend this deck as support for a strong and deep journaling practice and even shadow work

The Enchanted Map Oracle

Colette Baron-Reid

This deck is one of my oldest in my collection and has been a close friend for many years. The images give away so much and I find that using the deck without the book is extremely valuable.

I recommend this deck for intuitive readings and journey of life support

Life Design Cards

Lisa McLoughlin Art

When I need a bit of practical advice that I can quickly and simply apply to the modern world and my busy life this is the deck I choose. With gorgeous artwork and concise guidance, this is a great deck for making decisions and moving forward.

I recommend this deck daily draws and getting unstuck in the practical sense

Oracle Decks

Decks I’ve Purchased but Not Yet Worked With

Yogic Path

Sahara Rose

I have to confess that the number one reason I purchased this deck was because of the illustrator. Danielle Noel, the author of the Starchild Tarot and Moonchild Tarot is one of my deck designer crushes. And although I enjoy a bit of yoga from time to time I’ve not yet been drawn to explore this deck further than adding it to my collection. However saying that, it is beautiful, colourful and light and I will make a point to check it out very soon. 

I recommend this deck for anyone who loves Danielle Noel’s previous works or has an interest in the Yogic Path

Art Oracles

Katya Tylevich & Mikkel Sommer

Another confession…..I picked this up for the single reason that it was a deck of artists, and as an artist myself, I thought it might be fun. It’s not really suitable for divination as such but rather inspiration and prompts for your creative process. 

I recommend this deck if creative inspiration and the artwork appeal

Check out this Review by Benebell Wen for more insight on Art Oracles

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Your Favourite Decks of 2020

What are your favourite decks of 2020? Let me know in the comments at the end of this article and I will check them out… a ‘collector’ it would be rude not too 🙂 


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