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Exploring the Cycles of Life Tarot & Oracle Spread Pack 2021

Explore the cycles of life through tarot or oracle cards for an inner journey of self-discovery and empowerment in 2021

Make a Difference to Your Life in 2021

We begin each year determined to make it the best one ever only to find that we experience similar struggles and challenges year after year. 

Imagine working towards your goals and dreams in sync with the energetic vibration available to you based on the natural cycles of the planet and the cosmos. 

Consider how would it feel to spend more time in flow and less time in resistance. 

The answers you are looking for are all inside but if you’re anything like me then life is busy with hectic schedules and multiple distractions and interruptions causing you struggle to slow down enough to listen to your inner guidance. 

Goals & Dreams

New year’s resolutions are focused on achievements, goals and dreams as a measure of success which is fantastic, but they are missing one crucial thing. They don’t take into consideration what we are being energetically encouraged to create throughout the waxing and waning cycles of the year.

The Cycles of Life

The cycles of life, nature and magick ebb and flow and as a result we must follow suit. Challenges often occur when we find ourselves pushing when we should be pulling and over time this results in fatigue, low mood and self-doubt all of which makes the things we set out to achieve even harder to create.

Explore the Cycles of Life Through the Cards

Exploring the Cycles of Life Tarot & Oracle pack is a tool for tapping into the energy you experience as you navigate the cycles of life.

By using your tarot & oracle cards with the guidance in the pack you will embark on an inner journey of self-discovery and empowerment in 2021.

This pack is different from other card reading spreads as it has been deliberately created with the flow of energy through the months of the year in mind. 

Each card you draw has a relationship to the one before and the one after, and each spread you work with supports and guides the others spreads in the pack. 

Exploring the Cycles of Life Tarot & Oracle Pack represents the interconnectedness of life, energy, vibration, the planet and the cosmos. 

Spread of the Month

By working through the spread of the month you will become aware of the energy of the natural and magickal events of that period. Awareness is a powerful tool when it comes to personal growth and spiritual evolution. 

Journaling Themes

By pulling your cards and journaling through the themes presented to you using the guidance in the spread, you will explore the personal energetic theme available to you in the present moment. From there you can make better decisions and choices and also gain a greater understanding of who you are in that moment. 

A Year Long Exploration

During the year-long exploration, you will discover your personal relationship with the calendar year, the New and Full moons, the seasons of the year, the Sun and the festivals of the Wheel of the Year. 

This may seem like a lot to work with……. and it would be if each of these elements was explored independently. However, this pack was created to make it easy to navigate all of this as one spread for each month of the year by incorporating the flow of the natural cycles of that month. 

Monthly Guidance

Exploring the year month by month means that each month you work with a single spread either in one go or at stages throughout the month, and that spread will form your journaling, spiritual guidance, support and exploration for the month ahead. 

Energetic Flow

By working with each spread you will become aware of energetic vibration available to you and how it is connected to the other cycles. From this, you can apply the available energy to the goals, dreams, challenges and events of your life. 


Want to explore the cycles of life with your cards in 2021?

Let’s take a look inside

Here’s what you get inside Exploring the cycles of Life Tarot & Oracle Spread Pack

This pack with it’s supporting video and PDF guidance is your personal companion through the monthly cycles of life

Access to the full pack will be made instantly available upon ordering. 

Your Pack Purchase Includes:

Content Summary

  • Getting started video and PDF guides 
  • How to use the monthly spreads for best results tutorial
  • Keeping a tarot journal and how to journal for best results tutorial
  • 12 months of spreads in PDF format ready to download and use
  • Subscriber exclusive monthly email guidance for the month ahead
  • Subscriber exclusive discounts on other Magickal Creatrix products and services

Two Winter Bonuses

Available 1st December

  • BONUS 1 – Connecting to the Season of Winter Spread & guidance video
  • BONUS 2 – Preparing for the New Year Cycle Spread & guidance video

How Does Exploring the Cycles of Life Tarot & Oracle Spread Pack Work?

Each month we explore the energy cycles of: 

  • 01 – The calendar
  • 02 – The Seasons
  • 03 – The Moon
  • 04 – The Sun
  • 05 – The Festivals of the Wheel of the Year

Each of these cycles forms a big part of our lives whether we realise it or not. 

Let’s take a closer look……


Yearly Cycle

The Calendar

The Gregorian Calendar has been a system of structure in many cultures for hundreds of years. The first and last days of the month hold the energy of beginnings and endings which special dates hold a personal significance.

Inside this pack

The monthly spreads prepare you for the month ahead and encourage you to review the month gone by. 


Natural Cycle

The Seasons

The Seasons are the planet’s natural life cycle and by working more closely with the natural pulse of the planet we feel more connected in flow with the energetic vibrations available to us. 

Inside this pack

We explore each season as it begins and reconnect with the active season each month to bring forward further guidance.


Lunar Cycle

The Moon

The Moon is our nearest and most influential planetary body. Her speed through the phases allows us to explore the theme of a New Moon and Full Moon in every sign of the zodiac over a calendar year. 

Inside this pack

We connect with each New and Full Moon in relation to the month and seasonal energetic vibration available to us


Solar Zodiac Cycle

The Sun

The Sun moves into a new zodiac sign each month highlighting an area of our lives for us to focus on

Inside this pack

We look at what this means for you personally and connect with the energy of the Sun sign theme for the month ahead.


Magickal Cycle

The Wheel of the Year

The Festivals of the Wheel of the Year are connected to the cycles of the seasons, the Sun and the Moon and have a specific magickal association which we explore to gain a deeper insight into the guidance available to us

Inside this pack

Inside this pack we explore the energy of each of the eight festivals on the Wheel of the Year.


How Much is the Pack?

Grab this year-long personal journey for just £47.00. That’s equivalent to less than £3.90 per month!!

Remember not only do you get the spreads pack and guidance videos you also get exclusive subscriber emails to keep you on track each month and a discount code for other Magickal Creatrix products for future savings. 

About Me….

When I was a kid I was obsessed with the stars and planets and I spent evenings looking through a telescope with my Dad in the garden.

Back then I had no idea of the emotional and spiritual impact of the lunar cycles or the other stuff going on in the cosmos.

My spiritual journey began many years later with the need to heal from trauma and with it I discovered the power of creativity, journaling and working with tarot and oracle cards.

The Magickal Creatrix is the result of this exploration and I’m over the Moon (couldn’t resist) to share this Magickal world with you.

Creating spreads, working with the cycles and tapping into my inner world with guidance and support has been transformative for me and I want to share that transformation with you too


Want to explore the cycles of life with your cards in 2021?


Happy Explorers


“Using Sarah’s spreads last year was such an amazing experience. One of my goals for the year was to become more intuitive with my cards rather than relying on the guidebook and I’m really pleased with how the spreads and guidance helped me. I’m definitely improving, thank you Sarah”

Emma – Card Explorer


“Sarah’s spreads were just what I needed. I’ve not been very confident with my card readings but my eyes have been opened to the potential as I can see my intuition is a muscle that needs strengthening “

Kate – Card Explorer