24 Moons Oracle and Tarot Spreads

A Year of Lunar Guidance using your Oracle and Tarot Cards

Although I have called this pack of tarot and oracle card spreads 24 Moons as we get a new and full moon in every sign of the zodiac. However you actually get 25 spreads as we have two Full Moons in October 2020.

Inside this pack I have created a spread for every single new and full moon for the year ahead in each sign of the zodiac.

Working with the lunar guidance this way has been an incredible journey for me over the past 12 months and now I want to share that with you.

Inside the pack you also get a list of the new and full moons of 2020 to keep you on track.

The Spreads!

This spread pack includes the following spreads:

Welcome & Moon Introduction

To get started we begin with…

  • Welcome to the pack
  • Frequently asked questions on using spreads with the Moon phases
  • The dates of the New and Full Moons of 2020

Full Moon Spreads

There are 13 Full Moons in 2020 and here are the spreads for the whole year

  • January Full Moon in Cancer – Safe Inside My Shell
  • February Full Moon in Leo – Hear me Roar
  • March Full Moon in Virgo – Heal the Wound
  • April Full Moon in Libra – The Balance of Belief
  • May Full Moon in Scorpio – Taking the Sting out of the Tail
  • June Full Moon in Sagittarius – Over the Horizon
  • July Full Moon in Capricorn – Be More Ambitious
  • August Full Moon in Aquarius – Raise Your Vibration
  • September Full Moon in Pisces – Seeing the Bigger Picture
  • October Full Moon in Aries – Your True Purpose
  • October (2nd) Full Moon in Taurus – Too Comfy to Move
  • November Full Moon in Gemini – Personal Messaged
  • December Full Moon in Cancer – Elemental Protection

New Moon Spreads

There are 12 New Moons in 2020 and here are the spreads for the whole year

  • January New Moon in Aquarius – Express Myself
  • February New Moon in Pisces – Go with the Flow
  • March New Moon in Aries – The Start of Something New
  • April New Moon in Taurus – Know Your Own Self-Worth
  • May New Moon in Gemini – The Key to Communication
  • June New Moon in Cancer – Big Change = Big Reward
  • July New Moon in Cancer – Reinforcing Positive Change
  • August New Moon in Leo – Shine Your Light
  • September New Moon in Virgo – You are Already Good Enough
  • October New Moon in Libra – Internal Harmony Upgrade
  • November New Moon in Scorpio – The Power of Transformation
  • December New Moon in Sagittarius – Your Next Adventure

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