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Hi I'm Sarah Cornforth, 

I'm the Creatrix of Magickal things. Welcome to my online Magickal world. This website is a space to find out more about astrology, the Moon, magick and creativity. 

Dive in and enjoy!

Sarah x

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Implement Your Full Moon Lessons

This week, we are still learning from the lesson of the Full Moon in Pisces. The energy and light of the Moon wanes, signifying it's time to let go of whatever it is holding us back. Get your daily themes in this article.

Become an Ocean

As we head into the emotional and intuitive water sign of Pisces we are exploring the theme of becoming an ocean. Find out more here.

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New Moon in Libra

6th October @ 12:05 UK Time

Theme: Find Inner Peace

The New Moon is the start of the lunar cycle and represents new beginnings. This is the time when we set our intentions for the cycle ahead based on the theme of Libra. The New Moon in Libra asks you to look at the tools you have that bring balance and harmony into your life and use them more often.

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10. New Moon in Libra

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