An Introduction to Working with the Moon

How to work with the energy phases of the Moon in your daily life On Saturday 7th March at 13:00 to 15:30 pm I will be hosting a Moon Workshop at Infinite Energy Yoga in Darlington.  The workshop will include an introduction to the 8 phases of the lunar cycle and how you can use the energy of the phases to navigate your daily life with greater flow.  I will also demonstrate how the energy of each New and Full Moon is determined by the sign of the zodiac it occurs under. We will then take a closer look at  what this can mean for you and your personal and spiritual journey.  And finally we will look at how to start a Moon journal for a deeper understanding of your own personal relationship with the Moon and her cycles and I will also show you how you can use, oracle or tarot cards to deepen your awareness of the energy around you.  This workshop is perfect for you if you are:  This is a beginners class with no previous knowledge of lunar astrology required.  How will the workshop be delivered?  The workshop will be delivered in the wonderfully peaceful, spiritual and blessed surroundings of Infinite Energy Yoga in Darlington. Seating will be in the form of mats and bolster cushions making the environment relaxed and casual. I will teach you about the phases of the Moon through my own personal experiences and practical advice and tips. I will also provide you with some reference information to take away with you and continue your journey once the workshop is over.  The workshop will take place on Saturday 7th March at 13:00 to 15:30 pm How much is the workshop?  I look forward to seeing you soon!