Are you an Oracle or Tarot Deck Owner?

Let me ask you a question:

Do you own at least one oracle card deck or tarot card deck?

Then keep reading as this is for you

Do you own multiple oracle or tarot card decks?

Then keep reading as this is definitely for you!

I’m a multi-deck owner.

I call it a ‘collection’ however more accurately it has become a bit of an obsession/addiction.

Do have a similar ‘obsession?

I don’t know about you, but I started buying decks in the search for answers and guidance. However, when I began working with the cards I found that it wasn’t quite as simple as I expected.

  • Sometimes I had no idea what the message was
  • Often, it didn’t feel or seem relevant to what was going on in my life at the time
  • And mostly I was in total resistance to the guidance being shared with me because I struggled to trust my intuition

But, I kept ‘collecting

I kept buying new decks in the hope that a different theme or a change of deck style would make the message easier to read.

Guess, what?

The message wasn’t easier to read at all because there was a problem in front of me that I wasn’t solving.

⚠️I didn’t trust my readings!!⚠️

In fact, I spent most of the time pulling cards and asking myself “am I doing this right?”.

Have you been there?
Are you still there?

The problem wasn’t the cards, it was me, I wasn’t allowing my intuition to come to the surface and explore the meaning of the cards in front of me.

Instead I second guessed the message, told myself I’d chosen the wrong deck that day and basically belittled my own spiritual guidance.

The result was that I was closed off to any sort of message at all!

I needed a solution as by now my deck collection was huge and I was getting nowhere. Instead of creating a support system I’d created deck purchasers regret and shame, and I didn’t want that as I love my decks (like I REALLY do love my decks).

So I began exploring ways to read my cards and I discovered card spreads which then totally changed how I was using my decks, my intuition and the guidance I received.

What is a card spread?

A spread is a structured layout of a number of cards from your chosen oracle or tarot deck deck which helps you to answer a specific query. Each card position has a theme which guides you to dive deep into the query you have chosen to work with.

Do you want to make the most of the decks you already own?

In my Oracle and Tarot Spread Layout Mega-Bundle, I’ve designed and created a gorgeous PDF downloadable and printable document which will give you enough spreads to explore a full year with your cards.

Not only that but I also share my top tips, guidance and support to help you get the most out of your first and future readings.

Oracle & Tarot Spread Layout Mega-Bundle!

Do you have Oracle and Tarot Decks?
Fancy a Year of Self-Discovery with your cards?
Check out my Mega-Bundle here!

All orders will be sent by email in the form of a PDF download which you can save to your computer, tablet or phone. The PDF download can also be printed in full or as your work through the guide and spreads.

I can’t wait to share this amazingly gorgeous creation with you!!

Sarah xx

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Hi, I’m Sarah Cornforth and I'm a Creatrix of Magick.  I have never really considered myself creative or artistic as I'm too much of a perfectionist for that and I still find it hard to accept the word ‘artist’ as a title for myself. Initially creating art was a way of coping with the curveballs of life. When I draw, or paint or craft I feel calmer, my mind slows down to a pace I can cope with and life becomes easier. I also love working closely with the phases of the moon and the cycles of nature in everything I do as the benefits are huge. At the end of 2017 a dear friend nudged me in the direction of creating art to sell, and if it had been anyone else who encouraged me I would have thought they were mad. But this particular friend has a special gift. She can see the life purpose of others. So I listened and I took every piece of advice she had to give me.....and here I am, creating art, working with the Moon, teaching people how to heal through Mandala art, feeling happy and sharing what I love with the world. Thank you for joining me on this journey.


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