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Aries Season


  • 21st March – 19th April


“I Am”


  • Element: Fire

Fire signs are full of enthusiasm and activity

  • Quality: Cardinal

Cardinal signs are enterprising and outgoing.

  • Ruler: Mars

The ancient God of war, aggression and conflict. The influence of Mars brings courage, passion and competition but it can also bring tension and accidents.

  • Symbol: The Ram

Assertive, sexual and able to climb to great heights.


Active, Energetic, Excitable, Impulsive, Open to change and new experiences.

About Aries

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and symbolises new beginnings, in fact, the energy of this sign is all about carving out the path ahead of you while being aware that sudden changes and forks in the road are highly possible.

Things will move fast and it could be hard to catch your breath. To channel this energy you need to be forceful and headstrong as your forge ahead with your goals and plans.

With all of this fast energy going on it’s important that you don’t let your temper or hot hotheadedness get the better of you.

Also, don’t be quick to judge those who are reactive during this time either as they’re feeling the same vibe.

Things to do During Aries

  • Begin new projects and put plans in motion
  • Take a leap of faith
  • Make time for adventure
  • Let yourself shine bright

In Tarot – The Emperor

The Emperor has fire and determination, the qualities of leadership. He represents control, security, order and ambition

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