Anima Mundi Art Commission

by Sarah Cornforth, The Magickal Creatrix

Sold Out for 2020

Coming Soon – Reserve Your 2021 Commission

Would you love to own a piece of art which has been created just for you?


I specialise in animal and botanical ink and watercolour art and I have opened up a limited number of commission spaces for the remainder of 2020.

Each month I will be working on two commissions. Each piece I create takes approximately 4-6 weeks to complete. Why so long? Well, it’s a very intuitive process and it’s almost impossible to rush these things. I’ve tried and it never ends well. So instead I trust in the process and allow it to unfold. 

What is Anima Mundi?

Anima Mundi refers to the connection between all living things on the planet in the same way that the soul is connected to the human body.

I’ve been fascinated with all things animal and botanical since I was young and aspired to be a female David Attenborough (oh yes! I set my sights very high). This took me to University where I studied Zoology but without any idea of how this would serve me in the future. Fast forward many years and my knowledge of the animal kingdom from my studies is proving invaluable when it comes to creating animal and botanical art.

For me, Anima Mundi is a reminder that we are all connected and that we are responsible for the protection of the planet’s fauna, flora, diversity and ecology. This is my way of bringing the beauty of the natural world into your home through intuitive pieces of art which connect with your soul.

Here’s How it Works

 As an intuitive artist, I never really know exactly how things will look until the end. However, don’t let that worry you as it doesn’t mean you don’t get what you asked for.

Instead, it means that I take your theme, choice of animal and/or botanicals and I allow the piece to evolve and come together as one during the creation.

And if you have something specific you want to be included, we can certainly work with that.

To get an idea of my work I’ve included some of my recent artwork on this website page for you to browse.

How to Request Your Personalised Art Commission

1. Pick a start date

Choose one of the dates available below. This will be the approximate start date of the artwork with a lead time of around 4-6 weeks from that date.

2. Choose to pay in full or by instalments

At the checkout, you can choose to pay in full or by instalments.

3. Provide further details

Now it’s time for your ideas! Give me as much information as you can in the online form provided. Don’t worry if this seems vague or you’re not really sure what you’re looking for as we will work it out together. 

4. Confirmation of brief

Once I’ve reviewed your completed form you will get an email from me to confirm my interpretation of your request.  

5. Confirmation of start date

Once everything has been agreed, you will be scheduled in for me to begin work around the date requested

6. Confirmation of getting started

When I begin work you will get an email letting you know that the process has begun. 

7. Confirmation of completion

The next email you will receive will let you know that your commission has been completed. 

8. Posted

Your artwork will then be posted first class to sign for once finished

Order Your Commission Below

 The standard price of all Anima Mundi Commissions is £225 including postage and packaging. However, for the remainder of the year, I am offering commissions for £150

Just click one of the available dates to go through to the checkout and secure your commission order.

UPDATE: I have three commission slots available for the rest of the year for November and December start dates. 

August 2020

  • Slot 1 SOLD OUT
  • Slot 2 SOLD OUT

September 2020

  • Slot 1 SOLD OUT
  • Slot 2 SOLD OUT

October 2020

  • Slot 1 SOLD OUT
  • Slot 2  SOLD OUT

November 2020

  • Slot 1 SOLD OUT
  • Slot 2 SOLD OUT

December 2020

  • Slot 1 SOLD OUT
  • Slot 2 SOLD OUT

After been on a healing journey for a couple of years. I am now in a place of transformation and I wanted to celebrate how far I have come. I commissioned Sarah to draw a Phoenix rising up from the ashes. Sarah took the time to listen to my back story and worked intuitively in developing the art. Sarah and I spoke throughout the process. Our chats gave me a new perspective of my journey. Sarah shared with me that she listens to music. She shared the song she had played a number of times and I was blown away, it is one of my favourites and encompasses the Phoenix, my journey and how I thought the world saw me.

Cheryl Mercer

Details & Specifications

  • Paper Size: A4 (210 x 297 mm)
  • Paper Type: Hot Press Watercolour Paper
  • Art Medium: Ink and Watercolour
  • Signed for Authenticity

Price Includes

  • Design & Creation of Artwork
  • Postage & Packaging

Have we met?….

Let me introduce myself….I’m Sarah Cornforth, The Magickal Creatrix and Moon addict! 

A few years ago I decided that I needed to take my spiritual-creative journey seriously but, I had no idea where to start. 

So, I began with where my interests already were. I was fascinated by space, the Moon and the more Magickal way of life as well as creativity and art. 

As I continued on my journey I found the power of the Moon as a way to explore my past, present and future life. I also discovered mandala art and began using it as a tool to dive deeper into my inner world and I eventually found a connection between the lunar energies and the art I created. 

Eventually, creativity and the Moon became one and I’ve taught hundreds of people how to work with the Moon and explore their creativity as part of their spiritual and personal growth. 

And now I’m here to share the wonder of working creatively with the Moon with you.

Terms & Conditions


Full Payment is due before artwork is passed from the Artist to the Client. If paying by instalments then this will be once the final payment has been made. 

Deposit - Non-refundable

All commissions are secured with a £50 deposit. This is non-refundable under all circumstances. 

Right to decline of Commission

The Artist has the right to refuse any Commission request, without needing to explain the reason (however, the Artist will likely explain reasoning for decline out of courtesy) and any payments made will be refunded


By commissioning the Artist, the Client is purchasing the Artist’s labour only. The Artist retains all rights to the Commission, which includes but is not limited to: Distribution, reproduction, editing or altering. 

Artwork may be displayed and shared on soial media with links back to the artist


Commission deadlines are estimates. Due to the nature of the Artists intuitive style of working there is a level of flexibility to all deadlines. The client will be kept up to date with the progress at all times and working close to the deadline is always the aim of the Artist

Refund Policy

Due to the nature of the intuitive style of artwork refunds are not offered. It is recommended that the client reviews other works done by the artist to understand the style and quality the artist produces.