It's Time to Rise Again

Are You Ready to Make Some Changes-min
This week, 25th - 31st October, is all about moving away from the energy of the recent Full Moon in Aries and entering into the waning phases of the lunar cycle. 

As the Moon wanes, we let go of what no longer serves. We do this in alignment with making space to manifest our dreams. But to do this, we must make some changes. We must change our thoughts, actions and intentions so that they're in alignment with what we desire, rather than what we already lack. 

In this article, I share with you the …

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How to Create a Free Birth Chart

How to Get a Free Birth Chart-min
Have you always wanted to understand the astrology of the time you were born? Your birth chart is the place to start, but first you need to know how to get an accurate free chart to play around with. In this article, I show you step by step how to get yours.

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Explore Your Inner Peace

Explore Inner Peace-min

Explore Your Inner Peace

This week is all about the New Moon as we enter the lunation cycle of Libra.

Are you ready to make your wishes and set your intentions?

Find out how to do this inside my guide to the New Moon in Libra.

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Check out the below energy forecast for the week ahead. 

Monday 4th October - THEME: The power of kindness

As the Moon wanes towards the New Moon in Libra on Wednesday, the energy becomes more internal, and you are encouraged to be compassionate and loving t…

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