22nd November Weekly Moon Forecast

22nd November min

22nd November Weekly Moon Forecast

This week, 22nd - 28th November, is all about recovering and reconnecting with ourselves after the intense Full Moon lunar eclipse in Taurus last Friday. 

We are now in the waning phases of the lunar cycle, and it's time to release, make space and slow down. The Waning phases include the Full Moon, Waning Gibbout, Last Quarter and Waning Crescent. 

As the Moon moves from Full to New, she is getting smaller and less bright in the sky. As she does so her energetic influence subsides and the direction of focus becomes more internal.

During the waning phases of the lunar cycle, we slow down, are more introverted, and crave greater solitude and peace.

Frustration often arises when we are unable to indulge in this energetic downturn.

In this article, I share with you the daily themes we are working with based on the lunar phases and signs of the week ahead. 

To get the most out of this information, I recommend each day you:

  • Read the forecast.
  • Consider how this applies to where you are in your daily life.
  • Write down at least one action step you will take each day.
  • Take action 

Monday 22nd November THEME: Wishes do Come True

Consider everything good that has happened in your life came into being because you wished for it. Every wish is like putting your order into the Universe. As the Moon enters the sign of Cancer today, we are reminded that self care and nurture are an important part of the manifestation process. By taking care of yourself, your wishes become powerful. Food for thought.

Tuesday 23rd November THEME: Ressurect Yourself

At the Waning Gibbous phase of the lunar cycle, the Moon lets go of her light, and we are encouraged to release and let go too. Consider doing this from a place of resurrection where you move into a new way of thinking by leaving behind the ways that no longer serve. Free yourself from the burdens, limitations, and break away from the past.

Wednesday 24th November THEME: Integration of Self

We start the day in a void of course Moon energy. The Moon isn't astrologically active at this time, and we are encouraged to step back and recharge. Triggered by an opposition to Pluto, this void will take us deep. Take this time to explore who you really are. Then as the Moon enters Leo, allow the creative fires to burn and express your true potential.

Thursday 25th November THEME: Weave Your Magic

The energy continues from yesterday when the Moon entered the sign of Leo after a lengthy void triggered by Pluto. Things went deep as we stepped back and connected with who we really are deep down inside. Now it's time to weave your magick and express it in all it's creative glory! Go on, I dare you!

Friday 26th November THEME: Obey the Universal Laws

We start the day in the creative energy of Leo, and then enter into a void of course Moon triggered by an opposition to Jupiter. Jupiter is the planet of good fortune, abundance and expansion. Consider that you must be open to the Universal Law of giving and receiving to attract abundance into your life. Are you in?

Saturday 27th November THEME: Your Personal Power

After yesterday's void of course Moon, we are now in the energy of Virgo, and it's time to get organised. Allow the slower and more methodical pace of this Earth sign to give you structure and stability to follow your dreams. The Last Quarter Moon phase may show you some disharmony in your life, and that's okay, just work through it and clear your path to success.

Sunday 28th November THEME: Commit to Your Goals

The energy continues from yesterday with the Last Quarter Moon in the sign of Virgo. It's important to be committed to your goals through planning, preparing, and focusing on improving your skills. This will allow you to discover your true work. Allow yourself this exploration and make a commitment.

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