Full Moon Gratitude

Full Moon Gratitude Sarah Cornforth, The Magickal Creatrix

Raise Your Vibration by Saying Thank You

Writing lists of things I’m grateful for in life has always been an awkward and uncomfortable practice for me.

The resistance is deep-seated and more complex than I could have ever imagined.

Over the years I’ve become programmed to not expect good things to last and in an attempt not to instigate a premature ending I chose not to acknowledge gratitude at all.

This is the result of experiencing comfort and contentment one minute and then see my world implode the next.

My reaction makes sense but it’s not healthy or beneficial, so over the past 12 months, I’ve made a big effort to write a gratitude list at every Full Moon.

Why the Full Moon & Gratitude?

Full Moon energy is about completion.

It’s the energetic climax of the lunar cycle and as such anything you do that helps you to review, reflect and reset is extremely beneficial.

Consider that expressing gratitude is a free and easy way to raise your vibration.

Now, consider that the intensity of the energy around us at a Full Moon can supercharge those feelings of gratitude and therefore boosts the impact of gratitude.

Basically, what you get is a double dose of high vibe energy injected right into your day.

Gratitude is saying ‘thank you’

I find the statement ‘I am grateful for’ strange to say because it’s not how I speak.

To connect with this ritual I find it much easier to say ‘Thank you for’ instead.

Things I am thankful for

It’s always good to get a bit of inspiration, so let me share one of my thank you list with you.

I wrote this one when I was struggling with anxiety and depression during lockdown and although it was difficult to get started, once I did, the list just kept on coming. 

Thank you for….

  • the lessons you are showing me
  • this opportunity to become stronger
  • giving me options to explore my potential
  • asking me to go deep
  • encouraging creativity
  • helping me learn so I can support others
  • allowing me to experience being human
  • giving me evidence that I can get through anything
  • increasing my knowledge and wisdom
  • sharpening my problem-solving skills
  • showing me who I am and who I am meant to be
  • showing the world that I am a survivor, a light-bringer and a guide
  • asking me to think outside the box
  • taking me out of my comfort zone
  • not letting me lead a boring life
  • shaking things up so I don’t miss the potential all around me
  • teaching me how to experience all aspects of life
  • introducing me to the shadows so I can better appreciate the light
  • fiving me the courage to heal myself
  • preparing me for the future
  • making me whole
  • asking me to connect with my true purpose
  • encouraging me to live a life that is full, unique and personal

What next?

I highly recommend you take the time to write your own list.

Please use anything from my list that resonates and inspires you in your own life.

Then next time things are challenging and you feel like giving up, grab this list and read it out loud to raise your vibration and move forward as smoothly as possible.

What are you thankful for?

If you’ve got something you would like to share head to the comments at the bottom of this article and let me know.

Sarah x

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