Explore Your Inner Peace

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Explore Your Inner Peace

This week is all about the New Moon as we enter the lunation cycle of Libra.

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Check out the below energy forecast for the week ahead. 

Monday 4th October - THEME: The power of kindness

As the Moon wanes towards the New Moon in Libra on Wednesday, the energy becomes more internal, and you are encouraged to be compassionate and loving to your personal needs. Right now, the Moon is in Virgo, so you can get organised in a way that makes time for what your soul needs the most. Are you making this a priority?

Tuesday 5th October - THEME: Acknowledge the frustration

Before the Moon enters the sign of Libra later today, she is void of course, giving you space to find stillness before you get ready to work with the New Moon. As she enters Libra, your Moon work can begin, so it's important to acknowledge where you feel frustrated, as this is a symptom of where you need more balance and harmony in your life. Start reflecting on your New Moon intentions and wishes.

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Wednesday 6th October - THEME: Trust your intuition

The New Moon in Libra today begins the Libra lunation, which lasts until the next New Moon in four weeks. During this cycle I encourage you to explore the theme of finding inner peace. Trust that you are being guided to do this, and even during times of challenge and frustration, you are being shown the right path. Have you set your New Moon intentions?

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Thursday 7th October - THEME: Make things last

Today's void of course Moon gives you space to sit back and reflect on your New Moon lessons. Are you fed up of things feeling temporary or needing to be redone again? Then consider what you need to do to make things last. As the Moon enters Scorpio later today, you will be able to go deep with this exploration. What does your soul want your legacy to look like?

Friday 8th October - THEME: You don't have to do it alone

Todays energy continues from yesterday, so as you consider what you want to build that lasts a life-time, don't assume you have to do this alone. Who or what can be part of your plans to achieve your dreams and goals?

Saturday 9th October - THEME: Keep moving forward

The energy of the Waxing Crescent Moon asks you to start moving forward. Those intentions set on the New Moon can now be implemented. So what is your first step? You may find that today's void of course Moon makes it hard to get off the starting blocks, but once the Moon moves into the fiery sign of Sagittarius, the world is yours for the taking. Allow yourself to explore further afield than normal, as there is plenty to discover.

Sunday 10th October - THEME: Always be a student

The energies continue from Saturday, and as you explore further afield to achieve your goals, allow the Sagittarius Moon energy to kick start your learning. This could involve picking up a neglected area of knowledge or taking a chance on a whole new direction. What will it be?

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