Explore Your True Purpose with the Full Moon in Aries

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Explore Your True Purpose with the Full Moon in Aries

This week, 18th - 24th October, is about the Full Moon in Aries and reflecting on your true purpose. 

The energy is building daily as the Moon works her way towards the Full Moon in Aries on 20th October. 

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In this article, I share with you the daily themes we are working with based on the lunar phases and signs. 

To get the most out of this information, I recommend each day you:

  • Read the forecast.
  • Consider how this applies to where you are in your daily life.
  • Write down at least one action step you will take each day.
  • Take action 

Monday 18th October THEME: Slow start, active ending

Starting with void of course Moon energy at the start of the week can be frustrating. With a list full of plans and things to accomplish, getting off the starting blocks can be hard work. When the void ends and the Moon shifts into Aries, a fire is finally lit and the day can get started even if it is a little later than we would have liked.

Tuesday 19th October THEME: Remember why

As the Aries Moon energy continues from yesterday, be mindful of the reason why you are working towards your goals. Don't get caught up in materialism or greed, and forget the reason you do what you do, which is your passion. Are you in alignment with the reason behind your goals?

Wednesday 20th October THEME: Recharge while you can

The energy is building towards the Full Moon today, and the intensity will reach its peak at 15:56 UK Time. The opposition between the Moon and Sun triggers the void of course Moon, which begins at the exact time the Moon is full. This Moon is Aries asks us to recharge while we can. This may be easier said than done with the energetic peak of the lunar cycle in this active fire sign.

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Thursday 21st October THEME: Acknowledge your success

With the Full Moon over, she moves into the stable sign of Taurus. This is the time to look around and acknowledge what you have achieved. The Full Moon is a wonderful time to recognise and celebrate the results of your hard work. Doing so will help you attract more of the same into your life.

Friday 22nd October THEME: Feeling pulled in different directions

Ideas have been flowing since the Full Moon in Aries, and working out where to focus your attention could be a challenge. You may manage to divide your energy in the short term, but don't sacrifice this for long. Reflect on where you are and what you want to achieve as the Moon goes void of course tonight.

Saturday 23rd October THEME: Not sure how to proceed?

The day begins in void of course Moon energy, presenting a sluggish start with a possible lag in energy. This may leave you confused and unsure of what to do today. As the Moon enters Gemini, consider that something social is the way forward.

Sunday 24th October THEME: Make space for what's important

Later today, the Moon moves into the next phase of the lunar cycle, and this signifies our opportunity to let go of what no longer serves. Do this in alignment with making space for what's important in your life to clear a path towards your goals and dreams.

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