April - Cosmic Month Ahead Forecast

April Cosmic Lunar Forecast (2)

April - Cosmic Month Ahead Forecast

Hello and welcome to this cosmic lunar forecast for the month of April.

Inside this article, we will look at the lunar energies for the month ahead.

April Overview

We begin and end this month with a new Moon energy (depending on time zone). This is also the month where we enter the first eclipse event of the year, with the New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse in Taurus at the end of the month.

The theme of new beginnings runs through the whole month with the strong energy of the new Moon in Aries. As we reach the energetic climax of the lunar cycle, the full Moon in Libra asks you to focus on where you hold a lack mentality and adjust this balance accordingly.

As we end a fast and energetic month, the final new Moon solar eclipse asks you to practice patience and wait for those wishes to come true.

Are you ready for an exciting month?

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April 2022

Below you will find the major lunar events for the month of April. I suggest adding the dates and actions to your calendar to help find your flow with the Moon. Allow yourself to explore each theme and ask “what does this mean for me?” as you navigate the month ahead. Get curious and be inspired all the way through the lunar cycle, and it’s welcome what it’s changing energies have to offer.

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2 New Moon in Aries

New Moon in Aries - 31st March/1st April

GMT - 1st April @ 07:24 | Eastern Time 1st April @ 02:24 | Pacific Time 31st March @23:24 | Mountain Time 1st April @00:24 | Australian Eastern Time 1st April @17:24 | Australian Western Time - 1st April @14:24 |

Action: Set your new Moon intentions

We start the month with a new Moon, and in the sign of Aries, we are given a boost of fresh start and new beginnings energy like no other new Moon of the year. When the Sun entered Aries on 20th March, we began the astrological New Year, and this new Moon is an extension of that energy.

The new Moon is the time to set your intentions for the month ahead. However, with this new Moon, go a little further and consider what you want to achieve between now and the next new Moon in Aries in 12 months’ time.

You can learn more about the themes of the new and full Moons of 2022 by visiting my Moon Calendar.

2022 New & Full Moon Calendar

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The Waxing Moon

Action: Attract, Build & Manifest

The waxing phases of the lunar cycle consist of the waxing crescent, first quarter and waxing gibbous Moons.

As the Moon moves from new to full, she is getting bigger and brighter in the sky, and her energy and influence is building. This is the waxing part of the cycle.

During the waxing phases of the lunar cycle, we are energised, open to receive and take action to attract and manifest our desires.

3 Waxing Crescent Moon in Gemini

Waxing Crescent Moon in Gemini - 4th/5th April

Action: Start moving forward and get curious about everything

This is a time to take action to make your goals and dreams come true.

In the sign of Gemini, you are encouraged to get curious about everything and ask lots of questions regarding your direction and purpose. Don’t forget to listen to the answers.

4 First Quarter Moon in Cancer

First Quarter Moon in Cancer - 8th/9th April

Action: Explore the discomfort and notice your needs

Where do you feel discomfort, friction or frustration? Use this opportunity to move forward without your insecurities and fear taking hold.

In the sign of Cancer, things may feel more sensitive than usual, and the discomfort you feel may be emotional. Make sure to nurture yourself and check in with your needs during this time.

5 Waxing Gibbous Moon in Virgo

Waxing Gibbous Moon in Virgo - 12th/13th April

Action: Trust the process and don’t over analyse

When we push too much, we can meet resistance, when sometimes we need to just trust that the process is happening, even when we don’t recognise it.

In the sign of Virgo, it’s important that you don’t analyse things too much, as you will only find reasons to doubt yourself and struggle to trust the process even more.

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6 Full Moon in Libra

Full Moon in Libra - 16th/17th April

GMT - 16th April @19:54 | Eastern Time 16th April @14:54 | Pacific Time 16th April @11:54 | Mountain Time 16th April @12:54 | Australian Eastern Time 17th April @04:54 | Australian Western Time - 17th April @02:54 |

Action: Celebrate your successes and reflect on how far you have come

The energetic climax this month is a full Moon in the sign of Libra. Full Moons are a time of reflection and celebration.

In the sign of Libra, you are being asked to reflect on the balance in your life. Constantly worrying about what doesn't go right or the potential fallout of future endeavours will eventually leave you struggling with a lack mentality. Without celebrating your successes and focusing only on what is perceived as a failure, it will be hard to feel the benefits of manifesting an abundant life. Work with the power of this full Moon and get this energy back in balance.

You can learn more about the themes of the new and full Moons of 2022 by visiting my Moon Calendar.

2022 New & Full Moon Calendar

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The Waning Moon

Action: Release, Makes Space & Slow Down

The waning phases of the lunar cycle consist of the waning gibbous, last quarter and waning crescent Moons.

As the Moon moves from full to new, she is getting smaller and less bright in the sky. As she does so, her energetic influence subsides, and the direction of focus becomes more internal.

During the waning phases of the lunar cycle, we slow down, are more introverted, and crave greater solitude and peace.

Frustration often arises when we are unable to indulge in this energetic downturn.

7 Waning Gibbous Moon in Sagittarius

Waning Gibbous Moon in Sagittarius - 19th/20th April

Action: Release, Let go and try something new

Now is the time to say goodbye to the things that no longer serve you, while allowing yourself to welcome the new energy coming your way.

In the sign of Sagittarius, consider making a change or trying something new to shift the energy and therefore your experience of life itself.

8 Last Quarter Moon in Aquarius

Last Quarter Moon in Aquarius - 23rd April

Action: Review inner conflict and think outside the box

Notice what is working, and what isn’t. It’s time to take responsibility for the decisions you have made and the actions you have taken.

In the sign of Aquarius, consider inventive ways to solve your current challenges. Thinking outside the box will serve you well.

9 Waning Crescent Moon in Pises

Waning Crescent Moon Pisces - 26th/27th April

Action: Slow down and feel the love

We are in the final throes of letting go, releasing and creating space.

In the sign of Pisces doing things that make you feel the power of love are recommended. Perhaps now is the time to begin your meditation practice?

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10. New Moon Solar Eclipse in Taurus

New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse in Taurus - 30th April/1st May

GMT - 30th April @21:27 | Eastern Time 30th April @16:27 | Pacific Time 30th April @13:27 | Mountain Time 30th April @14:27 | Australian Eastern Time 1st May @ 06:27 | Australian Western Time - 1st May @04:27 |

Action: Set your new Moon intentions

We end the month with a new Moon Partial Solar Eclipse in the sign of Taurus. The main thing to consider about eclipse energy is that it’s more impactful and lasts longer. Usually, the theme of a new Moon lasts for the duration of the four week lunar cycle. However, eclipse energy extends the theme for several months.

The new Moon is the time to set your intentions for the month ahead. However, consider father reaching goals and wishes for this new Moon. And remember that the intentions you set will be with you for an extended period due to the influence of the eclipse.

In the sign of Taurus, you are encouraged to practice patience. Consider where I’ve just mentioned how the eclipse energy will be with us longer than usual. This may show as your wishes taking longer to manifest, which will make them more likely to take effect.

When practising the art of patience, remember that not everything can happen instantly. Sometimes we just have to be patient. The energy of Taurus helps you remain steady and strong even when there is a lot going on.

After the energy of the Aries new Moon, this slowing of pace could be welcome or frustrating, but either way, it's going to happen.

What are your lessons in patience at this time? As this new Moon is a partial solar eclipse, it's more intense than a regular new Moon. It signifies the opening of the eclipse doorway, connecting this new Moon to the full Moon in Scorpio, when the doorway closes.

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Have a great month!

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I absolutely love this Sarah ❤️. I so appreciate you also giving Australian Western Times. I have saved this as it will guide me so well through this month. It is very clear and very much appreciated, thank you for all the extra work you so beautifully do for us.  🙏💖xxx

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Sarah Cornforth

Fantastic! Thank you so much for the awesome feedback. I'm loving the new format too! Have an amazing month :) 

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