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4 Common Mistakes When Learning Astrology (2)-min

4 Common Mistakes when Learning Astrology

One of these 4 mistakes could be holding you back from learning about astrology the way you would like to. I've fallen prey to all these at one time or another, which is why I not only share the mistakes, but also some solutions and my personal recommendations too!

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Don't Know your Time of Birth (2)

Don’t Know Your Time of Birth for your Natal Chart?

Not knowing your time of birth is more common than you may realise. Although it's impossible to get an accurate chart without it, there are still things you can do and ways to get curious about what you birth chart says about you. In this article, we explore the possibilities if you don't know your birth time.

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How to Create a Free Birth Chart Sarah Cornforth The magickal Creatrix

How to Create a Free Birth Chart

Have you always wanted to understand the astrology of the time you were born? Your birth chart is the place to start, but first you need to know how to get an accurate free chart to play around with. In this article, I show you step by step how to get yours.

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How I Prepare for the Full Moon (3)-min

How to Prepare for the Full Moon

Let me take you behind the scenes at how I prepare for the Full Moon. I know we all worry about messing up and doing things wrong. Spoiler alert, there is no wrong, but if you fancy your eyes in on what I do with the full Moon energy, then take a read of this.......

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