Astrology & The Moon

Change Your Life with the Power of the Moon-min

Change Your Life with the Power of the Moon

Working with the lunar cycles can help us better understand ourselves and the world around us, tap into powerful energy to manifest our goals, connect with our intuition, and navigate transformational times of the year with greater ease. Through regular exploration of the Moon's phases, sign, eclipses, and other planetary conversations, we can gain greater awareness of the energies coming our way and personalise our lunar journey for self-discovery and spiritual growth.

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What is the Lions Gate -min

The Lion's Gate 2022 | Astrology

The Lion’s Gate is a modern mystical solar gateway triggered by the alignment of the Sun in her home sign of Leo and the star Sirius. This energy will highlight where you need to place your energies and intentions. Find out more about the Lion’s Gate energy here.

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