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Change Your Life with the Power of the Moon-min

Change Your Life with the Power of the Moon

Working with the lunar cycles can help us better understand ourselves and the world around us, tap into powerful energy to manifest our goals, connect with our intuition, and navigate transformational times of the year with greater ease. Through regular exploration of the Moon's phases, sign, eclipses, and other planetary conversations, we can gain greater awareness of the energies coming our way and personalise our lunar journey for self-discovery and spiritual growth.

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Moving into the Energy of 2023 Podcast-min

Moving into the Energy of 2023

Entering the New Year can be overwhelming, and with Mercury and Mars in Retrograde, we have some awkward energies at play, which means we should avoid planning ahead in the usual way. Let's chat about planning while Mercury is in retrograde, setting intentions and creating a word of the year.

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The Energy of Surrender-min

The Energy of Surrender

Learning to surrender and only focus on what you can control is energetically powerful stuff. Surrender is a skill that, with practice, can improve your strength and resilience during challenging times. In this article, we explore the energy of surrender, and you can use it to empower your life.

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How to Create Your Reality (3)

How to Create Your Reality

Do you often feel that the life you want to create is constantly out of reach? We all get like that from time to time. But what if you have more control over your reality than you realise. In this article, I talk about taking back your power and creating the life you want by visualising your dreams and goals.

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