Explore Your Potential says the New Moon in Virgo

Explore Your Potential New Moon in Virgo

"Explore Your Potential" says the New Moon in Virgo

This Earth sign asks that your potential becomes a priority for a whole lunar cycle (four weeks)

Can you do that? 

I know we have had to put a lot on hold during the pandemic, and your true potential, goals and dreams were probably some of the things where the pause button was hit. I know it was for me too. 

What is your potential?

Don't confuse this with a hobby or activity that you're particularly gifted at doing. Your potential may be connected to that but it's not the whole story. 

Consider that your potential is more to do with mental strength rather than talent.

What I mean is that your inner potential will only really show itself if you've got the passion, determination, will power and grit to help it shine through.

We go into this in much more detail inside my New Moon in Virgo 38 page guide and workbook. 

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Are you exploring your potential? 

I love this quote by Danielle LaPorte

"Are you fixing your flaws or exploring your potential?"

It's certainly one to think about, don't you agree? 

We spend far too much time trying to tweak, adjust, improve, fix, tone down, fit in, remove, reduce and let go of the things we believe are not working, not acceptable or not right.


When is the New Moon in Virgo? 

The September New Moon in Virgo is on 7th September @ 01:51 UK Time. 

Check out the below link to convert for your time zone 

The New Moon where you live


New Moon in Virgo Guide & Workbook

New Moon in Virgo Guide - September 2021

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