Feeling the Fear

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Feeling the Fear

We've all heard the phrase Feel the Fear and do it Anyway which came from the book of the same title by Susan Jeffers. The book was kind of a big deal for a long time after it's release in 1998 and whether you read the book or not we were all able to connect to the advice in the title alone. 

Fear sometimes isn't easy to recognise especially when it's cleverly disguised as underlying anxiety, a feeling that is always there or something you decide is 'just how you are'. 

I've recently been introduced to my fear from a whole different perspective and I want to share this with you in the hope that it resonates and supports your personal journey. 

The Art of Channeling 

I've been discovering The Art of Channeling with Mike Dooley and Sara Landon. The journey has been incredibly interesting and thought provoking. 

One of my channeling exercises brought forward the subject of fear and below I share the writings from that exercise.

My Fear

You are safe.

There is no need for all of this fear.

You've always been safe, even in your most dangerous times.

You fear so many things.

This is hurting you.

Imagine if that fear didn't exist, if your energy could be spent like currency in another place.

Imagine if fear didn't control your day, structure your week or decide how you months will end up. 

Fear consumes you. 

Even when you are not in fear directly you are in fear within the cells of your body.

They tingle with fear.

Their vibration is fear.

This is why you fall back into intense fear so easily.

You probably don't recognise this as fear.

You assume fear is a more tangible thing but your fear is a vibration, an energy, a resonance that holds all parts of you away from your true purpose. 

Your tiredness is a result of the exhaustion of fear.

Your creative stagnation is a result of fear.

Your fears are increased by other fears.

Fear became a part of your world a long time ago and remained with your to keep you safe. To help you respond quickly to challenging situations.

You no longer need to be in fear.

You cannot thrive in this fear state.

You cannot grow surrounded by fear, pulsing the energy of fear and beating a fearful heart.

You no longer need to be in fear.

You are safe.

It's okay to let go of this now.


What next?

If you were nodding your head and feeling all the feelings when you read this, what should you do next?

Well, here's what I did:

I made the choice to say yes more often. 

No, is my fear response. And for a long time no has been my default setting which I may convert that to a yes after careful consideration. 

I recently had the opportunity to try something new. While visiting a local church fate and getting a tour of the bell tower I was asked if I would like to try out to be a bell ringer. 

Well, I have to confess I've never considered this before. I mean, who would? So, when a rare chance to do something new and unusual comes along, saying yes had to be my first answer. 

Between saying yes and attending my first session, I talked myself in and out of going multiple times. Each one of those conversations was fear based. 

  • Fear of doing something new - I would decide not to go
  • Fear of regretting not going - I would decide to turn up
  • Fear of it being awkward and uncomfortable - I would decide not to go
  • Fear of not experiencing something unique - I would decide to turn up

And so on.....

I eventually did go to the first taster session.

I loved it.

It wasn't awkward.

And I now have a new appreciation for the complexity of ringing the church bells. 

Will it turn into a life long passion? Who knows? 

Will I give it a shot to find out? Hell yes! 

My next step started with a simple yes to an opportunity I would have usually instantly dismissed as being too far out of my comfort zone. 

What is your next step out of fear?

Let me know in the comments below.

Sarah xx

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