Implement Your Full Moon Lessons - 27th September - 3rd October

Implement Your Full Moon Lessons

Implement Your Full Moon Lessons

27th September - 3rd October Cosmic Week Ahead Forecast

After the recent Full Moon in Pisces, it's important not to forget the lessons learned during that time. Reflect on what came up for you and make space for anything that needs your attention this week.

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The below is a summary of the daily energies of the week ahead.

Monday 27th September THEME: Focus on happiness and joy

As the Moon wanes, we are encouraged to leave behind what does not serve us. Sometimes the easiest way to do this is focus on the good stuff and let what isn't needed merely slip away. Often, letting go doesn't need as much effort as you might expect. Use the socially active Gemini Moon to talk things through.

Tuesday 28th September THEME: Tap into what you already know

Today's void of course Moon asks that we slow down and go inward. Use this opportunity to reconnect with what you already know, and apply your knowledge and skills to new challenges. The Moon in Cancer wants us to make time for self care, so indulge in something that you know makes you feel safe and secure.

Wednesday 29th September THEME: Stay focused

The Last Quarter Moon presents us with potential conflict. This could be challenges of your time, energy, patience, resources or abilities. When things feel too much, focus on the most important thing and work through your responsibilities.

Thursday 30th September THEME: Say yes to something new

How long has it been since you did something simply because you wanted to? If life has felt a bit humdrum of late, the easiest way to spice things up is to say yes to something new. Allow your inner child to do the walking today and find yourself a new adventure.

Friday 1st October THEME: Be open to giving and recieving

Doing something with love or for love is pure creativity. The Leo Moon is passionate and active, and is all about those loving feelings. Allow yourself to be vulnerable to the act of giving and receiving without any focus on the outcome or possible reward, and notice what happens.

Saturday 2nd October THEME: Act confident until you are confident

We are still with the passionate and fiery energy of Leo today. The King of the Jungle is no cowardly lion. Tap into the confidence of this sign and play the part until you believe it yourself, and watch your confidence blossom.

Sunday 3rd October THEME: Do you need to be more grounded?

As the Moon becomes a Waning Crescent, things slow down and go even further inward. This is an excellent opportunity to consider how grounded you have been recently. The Moon in Virgo brings forward grounding Earth energy. Use her to get organised and settle some chaos that keeps your energy vibrating too high.

Sarah xx

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