It's Time to Rise Again

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Are you Ready to Make Some Changes? 

This week, 25th - 31st October, is all about moving away from the energy of the recent Full Moon in Aries and entering into the waning phases of the lunar cycle. 

As the Moon wanes, we let go of what no longer serves. We do this in alignment with making space to manifest our dreams. But to do this, we must make some changes. We must change our thoughts, actions and intentions so that they're in alignment with what we desire, rather than what we already lack. 

In this article, I share with you the daily themes we are working with based on the lunar phases and signs. 

To get the most out of this information, I recommend each day you:

  • Read the forecast.
  • Consider how this applies to where you are in your daily life.
  • Write down at least one action step you will take each day.
  • Take action 

Monday 25th October THEME: Make space to manifest

Have you ever considered you're not manifesting the things you desire into your life, and your life is still full of things you don't need? At the Waning Gibbous Moon, it's time to let go of the things you no longer need and make space for what you desire the most. Struggling to know what to leave behind? The void of course Moon today will give you some thinking space to grab your journal and work it out.

Tuesday 26th October THEME: Feeling right at home

Yesterday the Moon entered Cancer, and our attention tuned to our needs. Home is where we can recharge, rest and regroup. It's a place that supports our healing and growth. Consider what this space needs to feel like to benefit you in this way. Perhaps a cosy reading chair or a quiet afternoon to yourself.

Wednesday 27th October THEME: Stop the guilt

Do you feel guilty when you make time for yourself? Perhaps it eats you up so much that it's impossible for you to kick back and relax when you need it most. Work on removing the guilt you feel from taking care of yourself. Self-care is about knowing your worth. You can't expect others to know your worth if you don't recognise it in yourself first.

Thursday 28th October THEME: Look for the joy

The last quarter Moon brings forward any inner conflict not yet dealt with. This can be uncomfortable, as doubt sets in and you look for evidence that you're on the wrong path or making mistakes. There is a short void in the morning asking us to step back and look at this from a different perspective. Then as the Moon enters Leo, allow yourself to choose joy. Do things you love. Explore your passion. Look fo the joy and not the challenge in your life.

Friday 29th October THEME: Let go of old ways of thinking

The energy continues from yesterday, and with the Moon in Leo, we are being asked to continue focusing on the joy. Make a note to check in with your thoughts as many times as possible today. When they're negative, shift to more positive ones. Spend the day focusing on changing your old ways of thinking, and always choose joy and high vibrational thoughts. Then check in and see how you feel at the end of the day. Better? Good! Now, do it again tomorrow.

Saturday 30th October THEME: Your thoughts become things

No matter where you are in the world, there is no getting away from today's void of course Moon. Void occur when the Moon has her last connection with another planet before changing sign. This is a time when the Moon isn't active, and we are encouraged to slow down and go within. Consider how your thoughts become things today. Are you thinking about what you want to manifest, or are you attracting more of the same negative stuff into your life?

Sunday 31st October THEME: Rise again

There is a lag in energy today, after yesterday's long void of course Moon. Perhaps you feel the urge to do something, but nothing happens. Sometimes it's best not to fight these things. The work you've done throughout the week is exhausting. Each week we grow, evolve, change, react, learn and regenerate. No wonder we feel wiped out! Give yourself a moment and then rise again.

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