It's time to take charge - 20th-26th September Cosmic Forecast

It's time to take charge-min

It's Time to Take Charge

20th - 26th September Cosmic Week Ahead Forecast

This weeks Full Moon in Pisces brings forward an energetic awakening. It's time to take charge of the things that matter to you most.

Tune into the energies of the week and allow yourself to be guided to where you are meant to be.

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Full Moon in Pisces

The below is a summary of the daily energies of the week ahead.

Monday 20th THEME: Use the past to better your future

  • As we get closer to the Full Moon we are asked to reflect on where we have been so that we can learn from those experiences.
  • In the sign of Pisces we are experiencing this on a more spiritual level and intuition is playing a big part today in what lessons from the past require your attention.

Tuesday 21st THEME: Pulled in different directions

  • The Full Moon occurs when the Sun and Moon are in opposite signs of the zodiac.
  • Watch out for areas of your life where you feel pulled in different directions as this is an area that needs your attention.

Wednesday 22nd THEME: Learn from those who have gone before

  • There is no need to reinvent the wheel over and over again.
  • So instead of trying to create a solution from scratch look at how it has been addressed by others before and adapt it for your needs instead.
  • The Moon in Aries is seeking action from you today.

Thursday 23rd THEME: Experience joy in what you have already achieved

  • As we move into the sign of Taurus things slow down and we get a moment to take a breath and steady ourselves.
  • Use your success so far to give you the perfect platform onto which you build the rest of you days, weeks and months.

Friday 24th THEME: Step out of your prison

  • Do you realise that most of the limitations and restrictions in your life are self imposed?
  • Let go of some of those self imposed limitations as the Waning Gibbous Moon signals it's time to let go and release.

Saturday 25th THEME: Embark on that new project you've been dreaming of

  • We all have one of those projects or dreams that keeps getting put on hold.
  • As we enter the Void of Course Moon today the energy provides us with a quiet space to brainstorm, dream big and collect those ideas together.

Sunday 26th THEME: Invest in your growth and expansion

  • That dream we talked about yesterday......what do you need to do to make it happen?
  • Do you need to spend time honing a skill, money taking classes or lessons or making a commitment to making things happen?
  • The Moon in Gemini is socially active and ready to network and make things happen

Sarah xx

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