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Welcome to the Month of July. We are now officially in the season of Summer, as the Sun entered the sign of Cancer at the Summer Solstice on the 21st June.

The energy of the Season of Summer is all about expanding and blooming.

Summer brings high energy, celebration, abundance, confidence and courage. This is the time to step into your light and own whom you were always meant to be.

The focus at this time is external, fuelled by a passionate inner fire. Celebrate, have fun, and experience anything and everything during this time.

Astrologically, this month we have three of the personal planets, Mars, Mercury and Venus, changing signs. Mars into Taurus asks that we find patience, while Mercury into Cancer brings communication to an emotional level. Then later in the month, Venus into Cancer connects us to our relationship with our home environment.

The Super Full Moon in Capricorn is a high energy Full Moon connecting us to the goals and wishes we set at the start of the year, with the January Super New Moon in Capricorn.

Our healing journey gets a reflective boost of energy, as Chiron, the asteroid often referred to as the wounded healer, goes retrograde.

Towards the end of the month, we begin to pick up some Leo energy as Mercury changes into the sign, quickly followed by the Sun a few days later. This energy prepares us for what’s to come with the New Moon in Leo, and we are encouraged to explore true passion and purpose.

Around the same time, Jupiter goes retrograde, and we begin to witness the growth from within ourselves. The work done during this time will be powerful and rewarding.

Looking for more details? Check out the breakdown below:

Mars enters Taurus - Be Patient

5th July - 20th August

Mars is the planet of action, energy and desire.

In the sign of Taurus, the energy is slow and stubborn, and where you feel there should be movement, nothing will budge.

Use this slow and steady approach to work on things that require a lot of patience and stamina to take them to completion.

Mercury enters Cancer - Communicate on an emotional level

5th July - 19th July

Mercury is the planet of communication, intelligence and travel.

When Mercury is in Cancer, it’s a good time to work on communicating with others on an emotional level. Nostalgia and even melancholy can take over to be mindful of that energy if it tends to generate low mood or even depression in you. If you want to investigate your family tree, this transit is great for looking into past family history.

Super Full Moon in Capricorn

GMT - 13th July @21:20 | Eastern Time 13th July @16:20 | Pacific Time 13th July @ 13:20 | Mountain Time 13th July @14:20 | Australian Eastern Time 14th July @06:20 | Australian Western Time - 14th July @04:20 |

Position: @ 21.20 degrees in Capricorn

Theme: Channel Confident Enthusiasm

This super full Moon in Capricorn is connected to the first new Moon of the year, the new Moon in Capricorn. This was our planning Moon, and you are being asked to review your plans for the year. What were your plans, goals and dreams? Did you follow your heart or get stuck in a rut? Acknowledge your success so far, and allow it to boost your confidence and enthusiasm. Take what you already know and continue with your plans for the rest of the year.

Venus enters Cancer - Buy something for the home

18th July - 11th August

Venus is the planet of love and beauty, connected to relationships and pleasure.

When Venus is in Cancer, it's time to go shopping for things for your home, especially in the areas where you spend most time with your family. This is when you find the right sofa or the perfect furniture for your garden. Then take your new communal areas for a spin with a family get-together

Chiron Retrograde

19th July - 23rd December

Chiron is a planetoid body, an asteroid, also known as the wounded healer. When in retrograde, the work we are encouraged to focus on is all about looking at the emotional pain we carry, learning to embrace it, and then working towards releasing it.

In the sign of Aries, the healing that can be done is connected to the things that prevent you from moving forward and realising your true purpose.

Mercury enters Leo - Too subjective

19th July - 4th August

Mercury is the planet of communication, intelligence and travel.

When Mercury is in Leo, things become subjective rather than objective, so you will find it easy to share your opinion or talk about yourself during this time.

It is also a great time to explore those creative ideas, but not necessarily start putting them into practice just yet.

Sun enters Leo - Explore Your Authentic Self

22nd July - 23rd August

The Sun is your life force, identity and self-expression.

As the Sun moves into the sign of Leo, you are being asked to discover who you are deep down inside by working with your passions and the things that bring you joy.

Jupiter in Retrograde

28th July - 23rd November

Jupiter goes retrograde every year for around four months at a time. The retrograde of 2022 will start in the sign of Aries and go backwards into Pisces. The whole retrograde cycle will last from 28th July until 23rd November.

When Jupiter goes retrograde, the growth we experience is internal. This is an opportunity to check in with yourself, your alignment to your goals, and how connected you are to your beliefs and who you are deep inside.

Jupiter in retrograde can be quite exhausting, as the work done during this time is all about expanding your consciousness and improving your connection to source energy.

New Moon in Leo

GMT - 28th July @18:54 | Eastern Time 28th July @13:54 | Pacific Time 28th July @10:54 | Mountain Time 28th July @11:54 | Australian Eastern Time 29th July @03:54 | Australian Western Time - 29th July @01:54 |

Position: @ 05:38 degrees in Leo

Theme: Generate Passion from Within

Leo energy is external, projecting creativity and desires out into the world. However, so much is missed by being loud and bright. What if you turned your gaze inward during this external time and explored your dreams, desires and creativity from a quieter view point? Consider that the quieter you become, the more you can hear? If you've been stuck in a creative rut, this could be the thing that unblocks you and moves you forward.

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