Out Now! Full Moon in Aries Guide is Here!

Full Moon in Aries October 2021-min

Out Now! Full Moon in Aries Guide is Here!

Do you know that every Full Moon is different?

During the year, we experience a Full Moon in every sign of the zodiac, and it's that sign that determined the vibe.

This gives us the opportunity to explore different life areas in line with the energy of the Full Moon.

When I create each Full Moon guide, I focus on a theme support by the sign the Full Moon is happening in.

For October, in the sign of Aries, I bring you the theme of pursuing your purpose.

Aries, represented by the ram, is a sign of energy and determination. When we apply these things to our passions, we become aligned to our true purpose.

Having purpose gives us direction and a reason to get up each day. Purpose lights a fire inside, encouraging us to make the most of our lives.

My Moon guides help you explore where you are right now and show you how to raise your vibration one lunar cycle at a time.

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Full Moon in Aries Guide-min

Ask yourself:

  • What am I passionate about?
  • How does it feel when I align with my purpose?
  • Where do I want to be this time next year?

Perhaps you've been experiencing frustration and disharmony lately. It could be something small that niggles away at you, or something huge that feels completely out of whack. Either way, feelings of frustration are often signs that we are not where we are supposed to be.

We then have the choice of staying as we are or doing something about it. And this is a choice we have, even if it feels like things are determined for us. Allowing that to be the case is also a choice.

Why explore the Aries Full Moon?

Imagine taking the time to focus on where you are meant to be, while the Moon's energy supported this exploration.

You have now taken a proactive step to get in greater alignment with your true purpose, and it's as simple as exploring a theme in line with the Full Moon energy.

Here's some of what you get inside the guide.

Inside the 43 page Full Moon in Aries guide, I help you explore:

  • Ways to work with the Full Moon, and the best time to tune into the energy
  • The Aries themes with a focus on pursuing your purpose
  • The do's and don't of Aries Full Moon energy
  • My Tarot card draw for additional insight
  • An exclusive Tarot card spread to direct you to becoming an action taker!
  • Where the Full Moon sits in your natal chart and what it means for you
  • How to reflect on where you have been, and prepare to release and let go.
  • and much more....

Here's what those who use my Moon guides had to say

Learning about the moon has helped me on my journey of self discovery. Thank you Sarah for sharing with me your wealth of knowledge about the moon and astrology. Karen D

I appreciate and love your Moon guides. They are helping me learn about what is happening with the moon and me. Melody

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When is the Full Moon in Aries?

In the UK (where I am), the Full Moon in Aries happens at 15:56 on Wednesday 20th October.

To find out what date and time this is happening for you, check out the link below.

Time & Date

Full Moon Blessings!

Sarah x


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