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    How to Paint a Halloween Pumpkin

    How to Paint a Halloween Pumpkin

    Every Halloween I love to get involved in the creative stuff such as pumpkin carving, decorating my home and garden in spooky stuff and drawing and painting Halloween themed art. This year, I don’t have time for pumpkin carving as I’m away on the lead up to Halloween so I’ve thought of the next best thing. Pumpkin Paintings! These gorgeous bits of crafty fun are going to be used to decorate my altar and creative journal during this festival and I’m going to show you how easy it is to do. What you need: Paper Pencil Waterproof fine liner pen Watercolour paints (or other paints if you prefer)

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    Wishing Tree Creative Tutorial

    How to Create a New Moon Wishing Tree W e are all stretched for time these days and I find that a great way to carve out some time to get creative is to tackle a small but satisfying project such as this New Moon Wishing Tree. During this tutorial we are going to explore a super creative way of setting your New Moon wishes. I’m going to guide you step by step through crafting a New Moon Wishing Tree with little leafy wishes. And what’s great about this class is that you can do it each and every new moon! YouTube Tutorial Video Follow me step by step in…

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    How to Set Your New Moon Wishes

    The New Moon is all about planting the seeds for the future and it can represent either short term or long term goals, things you would like to manifest and your goals and dreams. As the New Moon symbolises new beginnings and fresh starts it’s the ideal time for making wishes, setting new intentions and planting the seeds for the future you can then watch them bloom throughout the remainder of the moon cycle. The New Moon energy supports making changes, re-evaluating what’s going on in your life, new beginnings and planting the seeds for future projects and goals. You can work with the New Moon energy when: The new…