What can your birth chart teach you about yourself-min

What can your birth chart teach you about yourself?

Your birth chart is a window into who you are and why you do the things you do. By exploring the characteristics of your birth chart, you can learn to work with your strengths, improve on your weaknesses and navigate life with greater flow. Check out this breakdown on what your birth chart can teach you about yourself.

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What is the Lions Gate -min

The Lion's Gate 2022 | Astrology

The Lion’s Gate is a modern mystical solar gateway triggered by the alignment of the Sun in her home sign of Leo and the star Sirius. This energy will highlight where you need to place your energies and intentions. Find out more about the Lion’s Gate energy here.

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What I'm Doing in August-min

What I’m doing in August

For the month of August, I am training, reading, cooking, being mentored, launching, releasing, drawing and planning. Let this blog inspire you to set your goals for the month ahead and perhaps even create your own now page.

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August Cosmic Month Ahead-min

August Cosmic Month Ahead

Welcome to the month of August, and the final month of summer here in the northern hemisphere. The energy of the Season of Summer is all about expanding and blooming. Astrologically, we have personal three planets changing sign, new and full Moons, Sun moving into Leo and Uranus going retrograde. Read in full for more details.

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How to Celebrate the End (2)-min

How to Celebrate the End

Do you forget to celebrate when you've finished something, achieved a goal or completed a project? Yeah, me too, and I want to change that with your help. Let's find ways to celebrate the end before starting the next thing together.

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How to Work with Tarot and Oracle Card Spreads (1)

How to Work with Tarot & Oracle Card Spreads

A Tarot or Oracle card spread is a themed layout for your cards, prompting you to explore a specific theme or question. The great thing about working with spreads is that it encourages you to go deeper into your reading. Find out more about how to work with Tarot & Oracle card spreads.

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June Cosmic Lunar Forecast (1)

June Cosmic Lunar Forecast

We begin the month of June, coming away from the new Moon in Gemini, and working with intentions and goals on the theme of directing your energy in the right place. The energetic climax is a super full Moon in Sagittarius, signifying time to explore new and exciting things further afield than usual. The Cancer New Moon at the end of the month instigates a phase of nurture and self care, as you are asked to explore new ways of thinking. For a more detailed look at the energies of June, check out…

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Nature & Mental Health-min

Nature and Mental Health

Nature is medicine. It's a proven fact that getting outside often has a positive impact on both our physical and mental health. In this article, I share some ways to connect with nature, even if the weather outside is typically British (i.e. wet and windy). Check out my top 5 challenges to regular nature breaks and how to beat them.

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May Cosmic Lunar Forecast (2)-min

May - Cosmic Month Ahead Forecast

For the early part of May, the primary energy felt is due to the solar and lunar eclipses. Eclipse energy is more intense and lasts longer. This means the work we do at the new and full moons is more powerful, with greater potential and impact. The new Moon partial solar eclipse in Taurus encourages the art of patience. While the full Moon in Scorpio takes us into the shadows to explore things on a deeper level.

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28th March-min

Weekly Lunar Forecast - 28th March

The energy of the week ahead is about preparing for a new cycle, but it's more than just your average new Moon, as in the sign of Aries, we are also connecting with the start of the astrological New Year, when the Sun entered Aries on 20th March. Allow yourself to prepare for a new stage in your life. A new beginning. A new adventure.

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How to Create Your Reality (3)

How to Create Your Reality

Do you often feel that the life you want to create is constantly out of reach? We all get like that from time to time. But what if you have more control over your reality than you realise. In this article, I talk about taking back your power and creating the life you want by visualising your dreams and goals.

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