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Books I’ve Read in August  

During the month of August, I began a mission to read more books. I even wrote a blog about it called How to Read More Books.

The result of my August reading challenge has been mixed.

As with most things, I’m a great starter. My Aries ascendant takes care of that (see below Astro Note). However, sticking to something is much harder once the novelty wears off.

Although I have to give myself a break due to extenuating circumstances, as there is extensive building work happening to the house next door to me, and I can’t hear myself think, never mind focus to read.

Also, my chosen reading time is with a cup of coffee around 5 am, but recently, I’ve been using this time to work before the builders arrive.

It’s been a bit frustrating, but I have read more books in August than in any other month of the year so far. And that makes this a success.

Astro Note: The ascendant or rising sign in your birth chart is your motivation in life. With an Aries ascendant, I actively seek my purpose in life and tend to move towards things that test me mentally and physically. However, my biggest challenge is to see my ideas through to the end……and boy do I know it!

Here’s what I read in August:

Rabbits by Terry Miles

“Rabbits is a secret, dangerous and sometimes fatal underground game. The rewards for winning are unclear, but there are rumours of money, CIA recruitment or even immortality. Or it might unlock the universe's greatest secrets”

I got myself seriously addicted to a series of podcasts by Terry Miles, including Rabbits, The Black Tapes and Tanis. The podcasts are all fictional stories which feel like you’re on a real time investigative journey through a supernatural world world. I honestly recommend both the book and the podcasts.

Check out the below website for links to all Terry Miles creations.

Check Out Terry Miles Podcasts & Book

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Building a Second Brain by Tiago Forte

“Building A Second Brain is a methodology for saving and systematically reminding us of the ideas, inspirations, insights, and connections we've gained through our experience. It expands our memory and our intellect using the modern tools of technology and networks”

Oh, this book was an absolute joy to read. Information is my drug of choice. I love to learn, digest, read, explore, analyse, connect, reflect, research and get lost in information. But I have to confess that I am often overwhelmed with the amount of information I have around me while still acquiring more. The biggest issue for me is accessing what I’ve already read or learned at some point in the future.

The second brain system takes this information-based chaos and gives it a method of organisation I’ve never experienced before. I’ve been implementing the second brain system into my life since reading the book. Although initial progress is slow, I am starting to see that what I am setting up now will have massive benefits in the future.

Check out all things Second Brain over on the website.

Find Out More About Building a Second Brain

Astro Note: My Capricorn Moon loves to be organised and is super big on planning for the future, so this book made me very happy. The sign the Moon is in signifies how we like to feel safe, and feeling organised is my safe place and reading books that promise to get me organised feel like a big warm hug. 

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The Midnight Library by Matt Haig

Between life and death there is a library. When Nora Seed finds herself in the Midnight Library, she has a chance to make things right. Up until now, her life has been full of misery and regret. She feels she has let everyone down, including herself. But things are about to change”

This was such an easy and enjoyable read, and something I needed after reading a  Building a Second Brain, which was pretty intense going. It’s one of those books that easy to pick up and read from cover to cover in a day.

What I loved about this is how it made me contemplate a few things in my life from a different perspective. I think there is something for everyone in this story.

Find out more below:

Check out the Midnight Library and Matt Haig

The Midnight Library by Matt Haig-min

My Reading Goals for September

I want to make sure that at least one astrology themed book makes it into my reading list for September, as I neglected that genre in August.

I recently discovered Mitch Horowitz via Gaia TV, and I’m obsessed and plan to start The Miracle Club next.

If you're interested, the episode I watched on Gaia TV was Open Minds Regina Meredith, Positive Mind and the Miracle Club with Mitch Horowitz. 

Watch this Episode for Free Here

But before that, I have two books I’ve started but not finished, and they are The Wim Hoff Method and Money and the Law of Attraction by Ester and Jerry Hicks.

Tell me your thoughts

What did you read in August?

What are your September reading goals?

Looking for something to read? 

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