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    Daily Doodle!

    This year I've doodled, drawn or painted every day. Honestly! And it wasn't as hard as I expected. Some days it might only be 10 minutes and other times it could be the whole day. Consistency is certainly key to my creativity. Check out part of my doodle journey here.

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    Moon Phase Journal

    Creating the phases of the Moon as an art journaling spread has been one of my favourites so far. Check out my live demo and gallery here. I've also included a list of the materials I've used too! I hope this inspires you to start your own creative journal.

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    Creative Lunar Journaling

    Creative lunar journaling is something I've explored for a while now. It's a way of journaling which helps me connect with the Moon, be more creative and explore my own personal and spiritual development too. There are no rules. There are no right of wrong ways to do it. There is just inspiration and exploration. Let me tell you more about it in this article and check out my video show and tell of my own lunar journal.

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    I Changed my Life by Becoming More Creative

    I had now idea just how powerful a tool creativity could be until it changed my life forever. Creativity gave me something nothing else could..........a way to express myself and deal with trauma in a gentle and supportive way. Let me tell you about my story in this article as in the hope that it will inspire you to use creativity as a tool to heal and grow.