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December 2021 Seasons and Cycles Tarot Card Journey

{Free Sample} December 2021 Tarot Journey

Here's what you will find inside the December 2021 Seasons & Cycles Tarot Journey 

December Exploration

Connect with the energy of the month, explore the theme, where to place your focus and create a word of the month. 

New & Full Moons 

Explore the energy of the New Moon in Sagittarius and the Full Moon in Gemini. 


Winter asks us to explore stillness. Take this theme further through the cards

The Sun

The Sun changes sign and moves into the Earth sign of Capricorn this month. Explore the focus of this solar energy. 

The Wheel of the Year

December is the time for the festival of Yule on the Wheel of the Year. Explore this time of birth and renewal.

Monthly Reflection 

To learn from the month its important to spend time reflecting on where you have just been before moving forward into the next month

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Seasons and Cycles is a tarot journey of discovery like no other.

Each month, I guide you through the energy of the Moon, Cosmos, Planet and Calendar, using your favourite Tarot or Oracle deck as your guide. 

This is a journey of self-discovery, growth, evolution and expansion, and I can't wait to share it with you. 

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Seasons & Cycles Features

Here's what you will find inside your Seasons and Cycles Journey.

Getting Started Guides

We cover choosing a deck, using spreads, doing it right and Tarot journaling to give you a head start on your journey. 

Monthly Full Colour Journey

Before the start of each month your guide will be released ready for you to download, print out and explore.

Members Area & Community

Inside the members area, you have life-time access to the journey, as well as support and community connection inside the online forum. 

Inside the Monthly Journey Guide

The Monthly guide will take you on a journey through the important energies of the month ahead, and then guide you through drawing your tarot or oracle cards to dive into what those energies mean for you. 

Features of the guide include;

  • Monthly Exploration
  • Word of the Month
  • New Moon 
  • Full Moon
  • Season
  • Sun Sign
  • Wheel of the Year
  • Monthly Reflection

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