Full Moon In Cancer – Time to Heal

We began this lunar cycle with the New Moon in Capricorn back in December, and since then there has been a lot of Capricorn energy encouraging us to plan the year ahead and put systems in place to make life easier in 2020. This is the perfect energy for starting a new year and new decade, don’t you agree?

As we enter the Full Moon in Cancer the mood changes from the practical Earth energy of Capricorn to the emotional Water energy of Cancer. And in addition to this we also start the year with a very intense Full Moon Lunar Eclipse.

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Working with the Full Moon

The Full Moon is the half way point in the lunar cycle occurring two weeks between one New Moon and the next, creating an energetic climax of our monthly lunar experience.

A full lunar cycle has eight phases beginning with the New Moon and moving through: the Waxing Crescent, First Quarter, Waxing Gibbous, Full Moon, Waning Gibbous, Last Quarter and Waning Crescent.

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During the Waxing Phases (New Moon to Full Moon) the energy builds, moonlight increases and we are encouraged to grow and evolve. Once we pass the Full Moon and she begins to wane in both energy and light we are encouraged to release and let go

The cyclic flow of building and releasing is a healthy practice which encourages continuous forward movement aided by the release of that which no longer serves. Finding this flow in your own life will benefit your greatly.

At the Full Moon we experience the opposing energies of the Sun and the Moon. Oppositions can be challenging, but as with all challenges there are many lessons to learn which will support your growth.

At this energetic high we must do the work necessary to make things happen as this is not a time to sit back idly and wait for the good stuff to come along. Be prepared to go after what you want as only you know what that is!

The January Full Moon is happening at 20 degrees in Cancer

Cancer is ruled by the Moon and the element and water which can bring forward an emotional intensity encouraging us to tackle some of our deeper feelings.

Although we did a lot of emotional Moon work towards the end of 2019 this emotionally challenging start is preparing us for the year ahead. The work we do now will serve us well during the rest of 2020.

Time to rest and heal – The Full Moon in Cancer

Each Full Moon has a name associated with it and these can be different depending on where in the world you live.

For the Full Moon in Cancer the most common name in the Northern Hemisphere is The Wolf Moon 

Other names for this Moon include: 

  • Quiet Moon
  • Snow Moon
  • Cold Moon
  • Chaste Moon
  • Disting Moon
  • Moon of Little Winter

When is the Full Moon in Cancer?

I’m in the UK and the Full Moon is at 19:21 GMT on Friday 10th January.

Here’s a link to find out what time it is in your part of the world check out Date and Time

I’ve also included some time zones below for quick reference. 

  • UK – GMT – Friday 10th January @ 19:21
  • USA – PDT – Friday 10th January @ 11:21
  • USA – MST- Friday 10th January @ 12:21
  • USA – EST – Friday 10th January @ 14:21
  • Australia – AWST – Saturday 11th January @ 03:21
  • Australia – AEST – Saturday 11th January @ 05:21
  • New Zealand – Saturday 11th January @ 08:21

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New Moon Tarot & Oracle Card Spread

I love drawing my cards on the Full and New Moons. 

Check out this spread to help you connect with the Full Moon energy.

24 Moons

(well actually 25 as we have 2 Full Moons in October 2020)

Love working with your cards? Then take a look at 24 Moons – where you get a whole year of lunar spreads for every New and Full Moon of 2020 in every sign of the zodiac. Each spread has been created to tap into the specific and special energy and theme of each New and Full Moon. 

Inspiration and Guidance for this Full Moon

I like to connect to the guidance of some of my favourite authors during the lunar cycle. 

Here are a collection of quotes to support this Full Moon. 

Which is your favourite? Tell me in the comments below.

Sea Mothers Moon – The Full Moon in Cancer is the most lunar of all the Moons. [..] The Sea Mother is not like the Earth Mother (Full Moon in Taurus) who faithfully hands out her nurturing on an as-needed basis, careful to play fair with the children. The Sea Mother fluctuates like the tides – motherly one moment and deadly the next.

Moon Phase Astrology – Raven Kaldera

Eclipses can bring on times which seem shadowy and disordered, but they are not necessarily bad and should not be viewed as such. We are meant to be thrown off balance to make necessary changes. It is a time of seeing the light, and focusing on something you have either put off or didn’t exactly notice was coming up.

Black Moon Astrology Cards Guidebook – Susan Sheppard

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Cancer – Find balance between your need to achieve and your need for quality time at home.

Moonology – Yasmin Boland

We like to nest when the Moon is in Cancer. You may have a hard time prying people including yourself out of their comfort zones. [..] You will be more sensitive than usual and perhaps prone to tears. Nostalgic memories may arise. Let yourself grieve and honour the memory of those you’ve lost. Look through old photo albums, re-read journals, visit places from the past, or contact old friends to regain the feeling of closeness and family.

Moon Power – Simone Butler

Take Your Lunar Journey to the Next Level! 

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