Full Moon in Capricorn Lunar Eclipse

by | Jun 30, 2020

Written by Sarah Cornforth

Sarah Cornforth, The Magickal Creatrix is a UK artist and Moon addict with a love of the natural world. Other obsessions include hoarding tarot and oracle cards, creative journaling and making magick. At some point in her future there will be Llama's!

The Moon is Full in








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Inside this article I share with you my guidance on working with the energy of the Full Moon in Capricorn. We take a look at:

  • When is the full Moon
  • What is a Full Moon
  • What’s in a name
  • Full Moon Podcast
  • What is the theme of the Capricorn Full Moon
  • Questions to journal for the Full Moon in Capricorn
  • Full Moon tarot and oracle card spread
  • Things to do on a full Moon
  • Inspiration and guidance from other authors

Good organising is not about changing your personality, just your habits


The Buck Moon

The names given to each of the monthly Full Moons changes depending on where you live on the planet, your culture, beliefs, religion an what’s currently trending on social media (yup really!). I tend to use the name that resonates with me most.

The July Full Moon is known as the Buck Moon in the Northern Hemisphere

Other names for this Full Moon include: Hay Moon, Fallow Moon, Thunder Moon


Welcome to the Magickal Moments Podcast. Check out my episode all about the full Moon in Sgittarus 

What is a Full Moon?

The full Moon is the energetic climax of the lunar cycle. It happens when the Sun and the Moon are in opposition (occurring in opposite signs) in the night’s sky. The result is that the Sun and the Moon influence us with opposing, challenging and energetically charged vibrations. 

During this time we are being asked to consider how far we have come, what we have accomplished and to practice gratitude and forgiveness before moving forward. This allows us to release what no longer serves during the waning phases of the cycle between the full Moon and the next new Moon. 

Throughout the course of a calendar year we experience a full Moon in every sign of the zodiac which allows us to come full circle in what is learned during that time. 

Tune into the full Moon theme each cycle by being aware of your thoughts, emotions and reactions to situations. Work through them with compassion, forgiveness and gratitude to reduce any potential discomfort as you aim to maintain a high vibration in your daily life.  

What is the Capricorn Full Moon all About?

This Capricorn Full Moon lunar eclipse closes the eclipse doorway for the current season leaving us with the space to process and implement what we have learned during this time. 

It’s been an intense ride for sure not only with the eclipse energy but with multiple planets in retrograde and the issues of the world being experienced by everyone on the planet. We are feeling the pain of the planet more than ever on a daily basis and for many of us, this is overwhelming and exhausting. 

There has never been a time when tapping into our inner world and exploring spiritual and personal growth has been more essential. And the Moon can help us to do this.

Capricorn is a grounding and stable Earth sign who asks us to explore where we place our time, focus and energy in terms of being organised to make life easier for ourselves.

Let’s take a look at some key features:

  • FOCUS – consider where you place your focus and attention, is it in the right places?
  • PLANNING – what do you need to put in place to create the future of your dreams?
  • ORGANISATION— where would being more organised make things easier for you?

Along with this theme of ‘getting more organised,’ we are being asked to connect with our intuition. Now for some, this may feel like two unrelated things.

Can being organised and using your intuition be connected?

They sure can, and this is the ideal time to start trusting that inner voice even when it comes to getting organised, being more productive and planning the months ahead.

Use the energy of the Full Moon in Capricorn to really support your personal growth and development. Tap into your intuition and make life a little more organised to help you grow and evolve.

Full Moon Journaling Questions

  • What does using your intuition feel like? 
  • How can you work on trusting your intuition more often?
  • When was the last time your trusted your gut and it worked out for you?

Forgiveness and the Full Moon

Take a closer look at how to work with forgiveness on the Full Moon

Read in Full

New Moon Tarot & Oracle Card Spread

The full Moon is a great time to work with your cards. This spread can be used with any type of tarot or oracle card deck. Just shuffle the deck and draw out the cards in the way show in the spread then grab your journal and work through each card in relation to each position in the spread to find your guidance for this phase of the lunar cycle

Things to do on a full Moon

  • Charge your crystals by placing them on your windowsill or outside on the night of the full Moon
  • Tie up loose ends and finish what you’ve started to work with the energy of completion associated with the full Moon
  • Meditate and connect with the lunar energies listening for messages and guidance as you do
  • Take a Moon bath by sitting outside in the Moon light and allowing the Moon beams to energise you
  • Take a relaxing bath and enjoy the ritual of self care
  • Read your cards and tap into the energy of the full Moon through tarot or oracle
  • Practice forgiveness for yourself and others so you can move through the remainder of the lunar cycle without being weighed down
  • Be grateful for what you already have so that you attract more of the same into your life
  • Practice full Moon magick by casting a spell and getting all witchy

Where next?….

Where would you like to explore next?

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