Full Moon in Gemini - December 2022

Full Moon in Gemini-min

Full Moon in Gemini - Manage Restless Energy

Gemini Moons are busy, fast, and potentially a little bit all over the place. In fact, Gemini energy can be a lot to contend with, making the full Moon in Gemini the perfect time to refine your energy management.

  • Explore taking restless energy and finding stillness.
  • Reset overworking to find a balanced work life.
  • Channel distractions into mindfulness.

The Full Moon in Gemini takes place on 8th December at 04:07 UK Time. For other time zones, check out below:

  • Eastern Time - 7th December @ 23:07
  • Pacific Time - 7th December @ 20:07
  • Mountain Time - 7th December @ 21:07
  • Australian Eastern Time - 8th December @15:07
  • Australian Western Time - 8th December @ 12:07

Full Moon Energy Forecast

To help you navigate the energy of the Full Moon in Gemini, I pulled a card for you. Check out the guidance from this full Moon below.

This card is from the Wild Unknown Alchemy Deck by Kim Krans. To learn more about this deck author, check out this blog - The Wild Uknown, My Favourite Tarot Deck Author - Kim Krans

Full Moon in Gemini

"Things are going to really speed up for you, which sounds great, as let’s face it, it’s all been a bit stagnant since the middle of the year. But you need to make sure the speed you move into is yours and not anyone else’s.

It’s easy to see all those busy bees flying around you, creating wonderful lives for themselves, and look upon them wishing you could do the same.

Remember what you don’t see is the challenge they experience from all that buzzing around. Those challenges exist, I promise.

You’re not really seeing perfect people in a perfect world, creating perfect lives. Instead, you’re seeing a snapshot of someone’s life where things were probably going okay……you just don’t really know for sure…..and I guess that’s my point.

There is no point comparing yourself to others, trying to match the efforts of those around you, and then feeling like a failure. If you do, then you’re just trying to achieve something that doesn’t really exist in the first place.

Instead, explore the energy based on your own capacity, making sure to find stillness and balance between the fast bits. And there will be fast bits as Gemini will see to that

You've totally got this!"

- From the Full Moon in Gemini

Work with the Full Moon in Gemini

Check out the December Moon Guide and Workbook to tune into the Full Moon in Gemini and the Super New Moon in Capricorn this month.

Check out what’s inside my Full Moon Guide and Workbook below:

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