Full Moon in Taurus – Strong Foundations

Working with the Full Moon

The New Moon has just gone by in the sign of Scorpio – New Moon in Scorpio – Transformation signifying the beginning of this lunar cycle and therefore providing the theme for the weeks ahead along the way until the next New Moon when we begin all over again

The Full Moon is the half way point in the lunar cycle occurring two weeks between one New Moon and the next creating an energetic climax of our monthly lunar experience.

A full lunar cycle has eight phases beginning with the New Moon and moving through: the Waxing Crescent, First Quarter, Waxing Gibbous, Full Moon, Waning Gibbous, Last Quarter and Waning Crescent.

To find out more about working with the phase check out my blog – Working with the Moon: What You Need to Know

During the Waxing Phases (New Moon to Full Moon) the energy builds, moonlight increases and we are encourages to grow and evolve. Once we pass the Full Moon and she begins to wane in both energy and light we are encourage to release and let go.

The cyclic flow of building and releasing is a healthy practice which encourages continuous forward movement aided by the release of that which no longer serves. Finding this flow is your own life will benefit your greatly.

At the Full Moon we experience the opposing energies of the Sun and the Moon. Oppositions can be challenging, but with all challenges there are many lessons to learn which will support your growth.

At this energetic high we must do the work necessary to make things happen as this is not a time to sit back idly and wait for the good stuff to come along. Be prepared to go after what you want as only you know what that is!

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The Energy of Taurus

Taurus us an Earth sign ruled by the planet Venus, so we have the strength and stability of the bull working with the goddess of love, Venus, who craves harmony and beauty.

When you consider Taurus energy, focus on the building of steady foundations as the sky is the limit if the supporting structure is strong and firm.

Following your heart and choosing love will then guide you in the right direction during this time.

Another theme of this Taurus vibration is a practical resourcefulness. This may involve using what you have already got to move you forward. Being aware of your current skills, gifts and abilities and making the most out of them is very powerful. I also recommend taking the time to understand that support is all around you in many forms so be willing to ask for help or guidance when you need it.

Taurus energy also wants us to be comfortable. This can involve a cosy home environment where you are surrounded by the things which make you feel safe and happy. It can also involve well established comfort zone for you to retreat into when the need arises.

Taurus Moon and Scorpio Sun

Opposing signs have similar core values but they execute things in a different way. They both have high and low vibrational energies and what we are aiming for is to spend more time in the high vibration of a sign than in the low. However we shouldn’t strive to avoid the low vibrational energies and behaviours altogether as this is where we will find most of the lessons which will boost strength and courage when challenging obstacles have been navigated.

Both Taurus and Scorpio at this Full Moon are dealing with the here and now i.e. the present moment. Taurus is looking for something physical to feel supported while Scorpio is seeking something more intuitive and spiritual.

Scorpio is magickal, mysterious and intense. This sign can often be overwhelming as things which were once hidden come to the surface during this time of transformation.

As a water sign Scorpio is connected to emotions and we are encouraged to really be immersed in the energy and vibration of our emotions, feelings and reactions during this time.

This sign wants us to have the full human experience in whatever form that takes, and although it’s not always easy the resulting growth is worth it.

Working with the Zodiac

When we work with the energy of the signs of the zodiac we need to consider the low and high vibration energies of each sign.

As I mentioned earlier the aim is to reduce our tendency to spend time in those lower vibrations by moving across to the higher ones.

Low Vibration Taurus

  • Addicted to comfort zones
  • Fear of the unknown
  • Blocks to growth
  • Materialistic
  • Measures self-worth by possessions or money

Low Vibrations Scorpio

  • Obsessed with change and transformation
  • Struggles to stay still
  • Unable to appreciate the moment
  • Low self-worth due to always striving for change

High Vibration Actions to take

  • Release comfort zones and familiar patterns
  • Make space for potential
  • Try something new
  • Connect with the outside world
  • Do something just because it feels good

What’s in a Name?

Each Full Moon has a name associated with it and these can be different depending on where in the world you live. The Beaver Moon is the most common name given to the November Full Moon. However it is also known as: Snow Moon Dark Moon, Fog Moon, Mourning Moon, Mad Moon. Moon of Storms. Moon when the deer shed antlers.

When is the Full Moon in Taurus?

I’m in the UK and the Full Moon is at 13:34 on Tuesday 12th November 2019.

Here’s a link to find out what time it is in your part of the world.


I’ve also included some time zones below for quick reference. 

  • UK – GMT – Tuesday 12th November @ 13:34
  • USA – PDT – Tuesday 12th November @ 05:34
  • USA – MST- Tuesday 12th November @ 06:34
  • USA – EST – Tuesday 12th November @ 08:34
  • Australia – AWST – Tuesday 12th November @ 21:34
  • Australia – AEST – Tuesday 12th November @ 23:34
  • New Zealand – Wednesday 13th November @ 02:34

12 Things to do on a Full Moon

The full moon is a great time for your personal and spiritual practice and I’ve got a list of 12 Things to do on a Full Moon for you.

What I get up to on a Full Moon

Want to see what I get up to on a Full Moon? Then check out a blog I wrote back in February for the super full moon where I share my full moon practice with you guys. >> My February Full Moon in Virgo Ritual

Full Moon Tarot & Oracle Card Spread

If you love cards, then working with your decks on the Full Moon is an amazing ritual to create for yourself.

Check out this spread below and find your Full Moon message.

Inspiration and Guidance for this Full Moon

I like to connect to the guidance of some of my favourite authors during the lunar cycle. Here are a collection of quotes to support this Full Moon in Aries. Which is your favourite?

Deities associated with the November Full Moon: Kali, Black Isis, Nicnevin, Hectate, Bast, Osiris, Sarasvati, Lakshmi, Skadi, Mawu

Moon Magick by D.J. Conway

Earth Mothers Moon: On the Taurus Full Moon we take care of our bodies and the bodily needs of others. Don’t try to shift the focus to emotional needs. Those are important, but the physical must come first or all else will suffer, a truth that the Taurus Full Moon understands.

Moon Phase Astrology by Raven Kaldera

Find balance between all your feelings and what you can practically do about life.

Moonolgy by Yasmin Boland

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