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Gemini Season

Welcome to the Sun in Gemini

Gemini season signifies the time when the Sun moves into the third sign of the Zodiac and brings with it a change in theme and energy.

When we work with the Moon it’s important to look closely at the change of Sun sign as the next New Moon we experience will be in the same sign. This is the time when the Moon and the Sun go from being in opposition at the Full Moon to conjunction at the New Moon.

When the Sun changes sign we get an opportunity to test the water of how the energy of this zodiac sign is going to feel. And remember it’s the Sun’s rays which illuminate changing face of the Moon as we go through the cycles.

Sun in Gemini

21st May – 21st June

Element: Air
Rational, objective, communicative, cerebral.

Quality: Mutable
Adaptable, flexible and changeable

Ruler: Mercury
The messenger of the Gods and ruler of communication and travel.

Symbol: The Twins
Associated with duality, versatility and communication.

Motto: “I think”

Polarity: Positive /Masculine 
Extrovert, active and out in the world.

Keywords: Mentally alert, quick thinking, restless, curious, communication, friendly, responsive, networking, playful, charming, social butterfly

The Sun in Gemini Energy

When the Sun is in Gemini the art of communication is highlighted and this is a perfect time to take a look at your message and how you can spread the word on what you’re passionate about.

This is a great time to make connections with others, collaborating or forming partnerships. Perhaps this is the right time for you to reach out and find a group of like minded people to share your passions and hobbies with.

Be prepared for a busy month of talking, learning, teaching and socialising.

Things to do During Gemini Season

Spend more time communicating with those around you in whichever way works best for you. 
Explore all of those areas of learning you keep putting off as this is a great time to learn and absorb new information

In Tarot – The Lovers

This is a card of love, relationships and decisions. Upright we are being advised that someone or something new is coming our way or perhaps a decision needs to be made to take things to the next level. Reversed we are advised that something is out of balance.

Working with The New Moon in Gemini

As we move towards the next lunar cycle we are preparing for the New Moon in Gemini on 3rd June. Inside the Magickal Moon Club we work really closely with the New Moon and Full Moon energies to find out more about our personal relationship with the Moon and Stars. We also spend time journaling through the key themes and using my exclusive tarot and oracle card spreads to go a little deeper.

Come and join us!

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If you would like to work with the the phases of the Moon come and check out The Magickal Moon Club.

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