Getting Creative with the New Moon in Libra

Creative journaling is a tool I use to navigate the phases of the Moon in a way where I can learn more about myself and how the phases, the cycles and the signs of the zodiac affect me.

I have also found it to be an amazing way of learning and studying astrology plus I get the many benefits of taking time out to create too. It is literally packed full of bonuses.

You can find out more about getting started in my recent blog How to Start a Creative Journal.

However with The New Moon in Libra fast approaching I wanted to share my latest creative journaling spread with you.

If you want to find out more about the New Moon in Libra, what to expect with the energy and how to navigate this cycle then I have another blog for you to check out ; The New Moon in Libra – Balance and Harmony Within

Tap into the energy of the Moon by getting creative

When I get started on a creative journal page, my goal is the ‘feel‘ the energy of the lunar phase I am working with.

I do this by reflecting on some of the key themes and words. So for this one I had the words balance and harmony in my head the whole time.

By the end of creating this I felt so connected to the Libra Moon and what it will mean for me in my life personally.

As I cut out bits of paper and doodled over my work I contemplated where my life was in balance and where it wasn’t.

I acknowledged areas of my life which were so much better than they used to be and was able to praise myself for my accomplishment in this area.

And I identified where I want to focus my attention with regards to balance and harmony in my life.

All of this just ‘happened’ as I allowed myself to tap into the energy of the Moon by getting creative.

Supplies I used

Let’s start with what I used to make this.

  • The front and back covers of the journal are handmade and re-purposed from an old diary
  • A4 strong paper used for the page
  • Printouts of my own artwork of Libra’s scales
  • Coloured craft paper and scraps from my craft drawers (I keep everything!)
  • Feathers cut out from a colouring book (representing the element of Air for Libra)
  • Butterflies cut out from a magazine (also representing the element of Air for Libra)
  • White Signo Gel pen
  • Black Staedtler waterproof fineliner pen
  • White Posca paint pen
  • Gold marker pen

Show & Tell of my New Moon in Libra Creative Journal Page

Click below to watch my YouTube video of this creative journal page then scroll down the blog to see a closer step by step look at it’s creation.

Let’s take a closer look at the front

As the theme of Libra is very much about balance, I split the page in half with different but complimentary paper colours. I then placed my Libra scales artwork in the middle and glued down torn off scraps of black paper in the opposite corners to also show balance.

This page is to reflect the Sun and Moon in Libra and I wrote an affirmation to support this cycle.

I experience internal harmony and balance daily

The New moon is occurring at 5 degrees Libra which is important when looking at my natal chart.

I like to draw the astrology glyphs or symbols associated with the moon and zodiac along with a little bit of information about the meaning.

Here we have the symbol for Libra, her constellation, the element of Air and her ruling planet, Venus.

I also love to show keywords for the new moon which I can refer to as I navigate the cycle and experience the energies.

And finally we have a bit of decoration. From the magazine cut out butterflies I’ve mimicked the pattern on the wings and shown this to be energy radiating outwards. As Libra is a calm and peacemaking sign being aware of the energy we put out into the world is important and this is reflected in this detail. Details like this help me instantly connect and resonate with the energy and theme we are experiencing.

On the back, I created a little pocket to slot in the notes I made on the Libra New Moon. I then created a little origami corner to keep everything together and a paperclip to make sure I don’t loose any pages from my journal.

Are you ready to start creative journaling?

I hope this article has given you lots of inspiration to begin your own creative journal.

What’s next?

Join Lunar Witchcraft Creative Journaling Online Programme

We start on 7th October and you can find out more by clicking the image below or clicking >>here<<

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Hi, I’m Sarah Cornforth and I'm a Creatrix of Magick.  I have never really considered myself creative or artistic as I'm too much of a perfectionist for that and I still find it hard to accept the word ‘artist’ as a title for myself. Initially creating art was a way of coping with the curveballs of life. When I draw, or paint or craft I feel calmer, my mind slows down to a pace I can cope with and life becomes easier. I also love working closely with the phases of the moon and the cycles of nature in everything I do as the benefits are huge. At the end of 2017 a dear friend nudged me in the direction of creating art to sell, and if it had been anyone else who encouraged me I would have thought they were mad. But this particular friend has a special gift. She can see the life purpose of others. So I listened and I took every piece of advice she had to give me.....and here I am, creating art, working with the Moon, teaching people how to heal through Mandala art, feeling happy and sharing what I love with the world. Thank you for joining me on this journey.

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