Getting Intensive with the Moon

by | May 11, 2020

Written by Sarah Cornforth

Sarah Cornforth, The Magickal Creatrix is a UK artist and Moon addict with a love of the natural world. Other obsessions include hoarding tarot and oracle cards, creative journaling and making magick. At some point in her future there will be Llama's!


Inside this article I talk about working with the Moon and how to skyrocket your lunar journey in just 5 weeks!

We take a look at:

  • Getting intensive
  • What’s all this Moon stuff really about
  • When you feel out of whack
  • The Moon as your super power

At night when the stars light up my room I sit by myself talking to the Moon.



Welcome to the Magickal Moments Podcast. Check out my episode about Getting Intensive with the Moon.

It’s time to get intensive!

I know from personal experience that embarking on any spiritual and personal development journey is a big commitment and when we experience uncertainty or challenge in the process we tend to abandon the whole thing…….and then regret it.

There is a way to bring working with the phases and cycles of the Moon into your daily life so that you can discover more about who you are, how to work through your blocks and challenges and become the best version of yourself.

The amazing thing about working with the Moon is that it comes with its own clock and we can use this clock to support our personal growth, and inner work.

Every cycle we experience:

  • Waxing and waning lunar energies
  • All twelve signs of the zodiac
  • Energy dips and energy peaks

And every year we are guided and influenced by a new and full moon in every sign of the zodiac taking us full cycle before starting again.

The great thing about recurring cycles is that if we missed something the first time around, we get the chance to do it again the next time.

This is one of the reasons why I love working with the Moon so much as it gives me more than one chance to do the work and make a difference by learning from my past, to make a difference in my present and change the future.

What’s all this Moon Stuff Really About?

 Have you ever wondered if all this fuss about the power of the Moon really has any substance? Let me tell you a bit about my journey in the below video. 

When you Feel out of Whack!

Are you all out of WHACK? By this I mean that you feel like:

  • your pushing when you should be pulling
  • you feel tired when you’ve got lots to do
  • you want to hide when you need to be social
  • you feel lazy when you need to exercise
  • you crave the wrong foods when you need to be healthy

It’s like being in opposites world, isn’t it?

Find out how the Moon can help you to find more flow in this video.

The Moon as Your Super Power

 The super power of lunar support is repetition and structure. Repetition and structure allow us to explore our inner world, make changes to support the present which will then go on to help up create the future that we want. Check out the below video for more on the Super Power of the Moon.  

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Where next?….

Where would you like to explore next?

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