How I Journal my Tarot Readings

by | Apr 24, 2020

Written by Sarah Cornforth

Sarah Cornforth, The Magickal Creatrix is a UK artist and Moon addict with a love of the natural world. Other obsessions include hoarding tarot and oracle cards, creative journaling and making magick. At some point in her future there will be Llama's!


I often spend time around the New and Full Moon’s journaling about the lunar theme and then taking some of that exploration to my creative journal. In this article I show you how I journal a New Moon Tarot card reading and capture the main points creatively in my lunar journey. 

We take a look at:

  • What is a tarot journal?
  • Why tarot journal?
  • How to tarot journal
  • The sound of silence tarot spread
  • Photos of my tarot journal progress

Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep. 

Scott Adams

What is a Tarot Journal?

A tarot journal is  a place where you record the results of your tarot or oracle card readings. It doesn’t have to be complicated or hard to maintain but I recommend that it’s personal and supportive for how you like to process information.

Why Tarot Journal?

Journaling your readings in this way is a great tool for learning, exploration, growth and action. It gives you something to come back to and explore when you have gained more information or experience regarding and event or period in your life. And it provides a record of your personal journey through the cards.

How to Tarot Journal

You can do this in so many different ways. I have two main ways I journal my readings.

Number 1: The first is in what I call my scruffy journal. It’s scruffy because of the writing, crossing out, arrows pointing to other themes and potential doodles and side notes that get added along the way.

This journal is where I record every reading without caring about how it looks, whether or not I can read my writing or if it’s Instagram friendly (it’s totally not!).

Number 2: My second journal is my creative journal where I transfer the key themes for some (not all) of my tarot and oracle card readings to help me capture the message and vibe in a different way. This helps me to explore the guidance on a more emotional level which is very rewarding. I tend to save this type of journaling for big readings and lunar readings at the new and full Moon’s.

The Sound of Silence

Let me show you how I used The Sound of Silence Tarot and Oracle card spread which I designed to work with the New Moon in Taurus.

Just in case you’re wondering, I create a spread for every new and full Moon for my Magickal Moon school as well as a new spread for every week based on the lunar themes for the week ahead. You can find out more about the Magickal Moon School here

1. Getting Started

It all begins with my scruffy tarot journal, the spread I plan to use and a deck of cards. For this reading I’m using the Dreams of Gaia Tarot which is a fabulous deck for working with the Earth energy of Taurus.

2. Pulling the Cards

Next I shuffle the cards, and consider the theme of the spread as I do so. I also like to read the card prompts on my spread design while shuffling the cards to help with this. When I feel ready to stop shuffling, I draw the cards and lay them out in the same way they’re s shown on the spread.

3. Scruffy Journal

Then it’s time to get scruffy!

I like to use two pages in my journal for each card reading as this gives me plenty of space to make notes. I roughly draw out the spread design ready for my reading notes.

4. Journal Exploration

Then I journal through the reading, working with each card in turn. As I notice relationships and patterns I will connect these on the page with arrows. Sometimes I doodle in the margins or add additioal information I feel relevant. I also add quotes that feel appropriate too. The purpose here is to ‘collect’ information and process the messages available to me. Often I come back to the reading a few days later and add more to my notes. 

5. Creative Journal

If I chose to get creative with my reading then I will take some of the main themes and add them to my creative journal. I always use a very simplified version of my reading so that is easy to understand. I like to use magazine cuttings and craft paper which fits with the theme. In this case I’ve chosen lots of green for the element of Earth to remind me of the new Moon in Taurus.

5. Getting Creative

My creative journal often includes a mandala for each new and full Moon. In this case my leafy mandala became a tree of life.

7. Finishing Touches

Then with a bit of decoration, and final flourishes my creative journal page is complete. 

7. All Done

As this reading was for the new Moon in Taurus, on the opposite page in my creative journal I’ve added a little pocket to place my new Moon wishes for the month ahead. 

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