I want to be more creative but…….

How often have you said?

I want to be more creative but…….

  1. I don’t have time
  2. I don’t know where to start
  3. I’m not artistic

I used to say these things to myself all the time. In fact, I said them for 20 years and it kept me stuck and stopped me creating.

These are all very common and totally resolvable reasons to not spend time creating.

We need a way to express ourselves and open up our hearts and minds and spending time being more creative does that for us.

For me creativity:

  • Makes me happy
  • Give me energy
  • Allows me to de-stress and un-wind
  • Boosts my mood
  • Helps me prioritise my life in a more healthy way
  • Gives me to tools to manage and balance my energy levels
  • Helps remove unhealthy or bad habits
  • Generates a more positive way of thinking
  • Assists in my spiritual and personal development
  • Make me feel whole

Let’s take a look at the common blocks to creativity.

1. I want to be more creative but…….I don’t have time

Time, or the lack or it, is our go to excuse for everything. Now, I used to be a productivity coach so I understand first hand the struggles we have with time.

I know you’re busy. I know you have a lot going on. I know you have responsibilities and expectations. But, time is often just an excuse.

Please don’t shout at me for saying this. I hold my hands up and admit that I fling a lack of time around as an excuse all the time too.

There was a point when I wanted to spend time being more creative but my time was already taken up with other stuff. That’s possibly where you are right now. You are already fully booked, right?

If that’s the case then it’s time to review where your time goes because I guarantee you are doing stuff which you don’t need to, wasting time in some areas of your life and you probably have some bad habits with time management in there too. And this isn’t a judgement at all as the battle with time is as old as time itself.

Here’s my top tips for making time to create:

  1. Swap an hour of TV for an hour of creativity
  2. Schedule creative time into your diary or planner
  3. Make creative time none-negotiable and as important as anything else in your life
  4. Start small and build up. Begin with an hour a week for example
  5. Find a time of the day which you can stick to. I like just after lunch or just after tea.
  6. Include your family in your creative adventures
  7. Get excited about taking time out for yourself
  8. Remind yourself that getting more creative is good for you
  9. Allow yourself to practice regularly and hone your craft
  10. Set yourself a creative challenge or project to complete

2. I want to be more creative but …….I don’t know where to start

I totally get this one. With soooooo many arts and crafts out there these days where you do you even begin.

My advice is to start simple and perhaps begin with something you used to love doing a long time ago.

Perhaps there was a time when you enjoyed knitting, crochet, painting or scrapbooking. Would you love to give this a try again? Starting with something which is already familiar is awesome.

But what if you’ve never really been creative before? Then get some inspiration from social media.

I began my creative journaling with colouring books after seeing people share their colouring pages on Instagram and knowing that I wanted to have a go.

I then moved onto drawing mandalas, and again that was started from seeing mandala art on Instagram and Pinterest.

And finally I got the bug to create watercolour art which was influenced by what I saw online.

If you’re not sure where to even start looking check out some of the below arts and craft ideas on your favourite social media platform. I personally find that Instagram and Pinterest are awesome as well as YouTube for real time tutorials.

Here’s a few ideas for you:

  • Textiles such as knitting, crochet, embroidery, Macrame, Quilting, sewing
  • Papercraft such as collage, decoupage, origami, papier-mache, scrapbooking, cad making, quilling
  • Painting, drawing and sketching
  • Other ideas include: Junk journaling, bookbinding, bullet journaling, writing, poetry, holiday/seasonal crafts, jewellery making, sculpting,

3. I want to be more creative but……..I’m not artistic

This was the block which kept me stuck the longest.

The problem with grabbing inspiration from the internet (which I totally recommend doing btw) is that you’re surrounding yourself with ways to compare yourself against others and providing a stick to beat yourself up with for not being as good, or better than those who inspire you.

Firstly, I want you to understand that everyone can be creative and it’s often a case of finding out where your creative flare lies. I know some incredible crafters who don’t draw at all. I also know some amazing painters who wouldn’t know where to start with knitting or scrapbooking for example.

There are some people who can turn their hand to pretty much anything and all we can do is look on longingly at their creative genius. But the secret is not to compare yourself or judge yourself against others.

It’s worth remembering that you have no idea how long they have practised, how many mistakes they made before the final result that you see, or how many creative tantrums it took before they got it right.

I have full blown creative tantrums ALL THE TIME. It’s part of the sport!

So here’s how you’re going to start dealing with this block:

  • Stop comparing yourself to others as you’ve no idea what it took to get to where they are right now
  • Practice as often as you can as you will get better with repetition
  • Remember that everyone has got to start somewhere
  • Allow room to experiment, which means you’re going to hate some of what you create
  • Focus on the journey and not the result. I often find that I really enjoy the process of creating something hideous because I allowed myself to experiment.
  • You don’t always have to like everything you make
  • Remind yourself of the benefits of being more creative and if you’re not sure what they are then check out my list at the top of this article again.

Let me get you started on your creative journey

Join Lunar Witchcraft Creative Journaling Online Programme

This magickal journey is starting again on 13th April for the third intake! Yay I am so excited.

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Hi, I’m Sarah Cornforth and I'm a Creatrix of Magick.  I have never really considered myself creative or artistic as I'm too much of a perfectionist for that and I still find it hard to accept the word ‘artist’ as a title for myself. Initially creating art was a way of coping with the curveballs of life. When I draw, or paint or craft I feel calmer, my mind slows down to a pace I can cope with and life becomes easier. I also love working closely with the phases of the moon and the cycles of nature in everything I do as the benefits are huge. At the end of 2017 a dear friend nudged me in the direction of creating art to sell, and if it had been anyone else who encouraged me I would have thought they were mad. But this particular friend has a special gift. She can see the life purpose of others. So I listened and I took every piece of advice she had to give me.....and here I am, creating art, working with the Moon, teaching people how to heal through Mandala art, feeling happy and sharing what I love with the world. Thank you for joining me on this journey.

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