June - New & Full Moons

Full Moon in Sagittarius


Date and Time

  • BST - 4th June 2023 @03:41
  • Eastern Time - 3rd June 2023 @22;41
  • Pacific Time - 3rd June 2023 @19:41
  • Mountain Time - 3rd June 2023 @20:41
  • Australian Eastern Time - 4th June 2023 @12:41
  • Australian Western Time - 4th June 2023 @10:41


  • 13.17 degrees in Sagittarius

Full Moon in Sagittarius Energy

The full Moon in Sagittarius will bring with it a powerful energy of hope, optimism and adventure. Make the most of this opportunity by embracing your inner explorer and trusting in the unknown. When the moon is in Sagittarius, it invites us to explore new horizons and discover our power to create a better future. Look for the healing energy of the moon to inspire you to see beyond what you know.

The Element of Fire

The fire signs are Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. Fire energy generates heat and energy. It is bold and dramatic with a strong sense of purpose. Anything is possible when channelling the power behind the element of fire. Fire signs are active and enthusiastic.

Planetary Ruler - Jupiter

Jupiter is the planet of luck and expansion, associated with growth, abundance, and wisdom. It is known for helping us take risks and for providing opportunities for growth. Jupiter also has a strong connection to financial abundance.

New Moon in Gemini


Date and Time

  • BST - 18th June 2023 @04:36
  • Eastern Time - 17th June 2023 @23:36
  • Pacific Time - 17th June 2023 @20:36
  • Mountain Time - 17th June 2023 @21:36
  • Australian Eastern Time - 18th June 2023 @13:36
  • Australian Western Time - 18th June 2023 @11:36


  • 26.42 degrees in Gemini

New Moon in Gemini Energy

The Gemini New Moon is a time of embracing duality, finding balance, and tapping into the energy of intellectual curiosity. This energy is a great opportunity to explore the power of being in two places at once, the joy of learning something new, the strength of having two distinct perspectives, and the importance of finding harmony between them.

The Element of Air

The Air signs are Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. Air energy is all about ideas and thoughts. Communication and social interaction are dominant features. Air signs are intellectual and communicative. Aquarius shows this through innovation and thinking outside the box.

Planetary Ruler - Mercury

Mercury is the ruling planet of Virgo. As the ancient God of communication and commerce, he is associated with intelligence and reasoning. Mercury’s energy also influences speed and travel. Tune in to the energy of Mercury during this Moon.