Language of Your Birth Chart

The Language of Your Birth Chart is a highly visual 55-60 page guide to the symbols, signs and glyphs on your birth chart. 

Using your date, time and place of birth I share with you a guide to what was happening in the cosmos at the time you were born. 

This guide is a starting point for your own astrology studies, giving you everything you need to understand the language of your birth chart and take this personal journey of self-discover even further with ease. 

Your birth chart is a graphic representation of what was happening in the cosmos at the time you were born.

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It shows the alignment of the planets and how they communicate with one another to determine characteristics about you and your life.

Trying to decipher your birth chart can feel like you are trying to learn a whole new language. And in a way you are.

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The language of the cosmos and astrology is as complex as it is fascinating, which is why I am sharing this fast tracked way to understanding your birth chart.

The Language of your birth chart is a highly visual guide to identifying all of the lines, symbols and connections on your chart.

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With this information, you will immediately know the main features of your chart, where the planets were hanging out and what type of conversations they were having about you and your life.

If you want a starting point to take your astrology learning further, or you just want to know a little bit more about the astrological influences when you were born then this guide is perfect for you.

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The guide is broken down into 8 sections

  • 1. Your Chart
  • 2. The Sun and Rising Sign
  • 3. The Moon
  • 4. The Planets
  • 5. The Houses
  • 6. The Elements
  • 7. The Aspects
  • 8. The New & Full Moons

This is a resource you can come back to over and over again as your continue to explore the magick of astrology and working with the power of the Moon.

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  • Sarah Cornforth

    “Gaining a deeper understanding of my chart has greatly enriched my day to day experience. It has brought depth, clarity and a genuine feeling of support and comfort, it offers a whole new source of information to help me understand what's going on for me and around me.”

    Moon Portal Member

  • Sarah Cornforth

    “My Natal chart has explained alot about who I am and the reasons for parts of my personality that is a challenge.”

    Birth Chart Customer