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Come in and find out what your Moon sign says about you!

This is a free space where I will be sharing fascinating information about working with astrology and the Moon and right now we are exploring your Moon sign. 

What is your Moon sign?

This is the sign of the zodiac the Moon was in at your exact moment of birth. 

Why is your Moon sign important?

Your Moon sign tells you about your emotional self, why you feel the way you do and connects you to your inner world and intuitive side. 

Don't know what time you were born? 

This is really common and although it does make it difficult to create a detailed birth chart we can often work out your Moon sign and inside the Luna Moth Cosmic Community I show you how. 

Inside the Luna Moth Cosmic Community

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“Love the art used in Luna Moth, I found it easy to use and the information given was clear. I love everything about the moon, Sarah's knowledge is amazing and she friendly too making whatever she does a pleasure to be part of.”

Luna Moth Cosmic Community GBP 0.00

“Learning about my moon sign has really helped me on my journey of self discovery. Thank you Sarah for sharing with me your wealth of knowledge about the moon and astrology. ”

Luna Moth Cosmic Community GBP 0.00

“As a Beta tester for this lovely new community I found the content added interesting and easy to navigate. I loved the information about your moon sign and it did resonate with me. All in all I enjoyed diving in and learning more. Would highly recommend joining. ”