Make your Lunar Journey Magickal with a Witchy Twist to Creative Journaling

I’m going to take a guess that you’re reading this because you’re drawn to the Moon, you love a bit of the witchy side of life and you keep meaning to dedicate more time to learning more about it.

Well, first of all, that’s awesome!

  • But, does it feel daunting and impossible when you don’t know where to start?  
  • And how about those curve-balls that life keeps chucking your way…..does your spiritual practice and personal development journey get sacrificed when times get tough and you need it the most?

Yup! I hear you, and I’ve been there.

When we struggle to find the flow for prolonged periods of time things get uncomfortable. Stress, anxiety and depression increase. We put our own needs right to the bottom of the list while taking care of everyone else. And quite often we feel unsupported or unheard.

This can have a knock on effect to many areas of our lives within our physical, mental and spiritual health and well being. The ripple effect then touches those around us as our unbalanced lives leak out for the world to see no matter how hard we try to cover it up.

And it all just gets a bit messy. Don’t you agree?

  • I’ve been through this cycle a few times and I could never put my finger on what to do about it.
  • I wanted to make time to heal, soothe and grow as I knew the importance of this for my spiritual journey.
  • I craved creativity but I had no idea where to start.
  • And I wanted to feel more in sync with the world around me rather than bumping up against it at every turn.

Sound familiar?  

  • It is possible to improve on where you are right now.
  • And if you don’t know where to start, there is always someone who can show you the way.

**waves excitedly**

Why work with me?

  • I used to be stressed & uptight.  
  • I would often feel overwhelmed and like life was swallowing me whole.
  • I didn’t prioritise myself and I didn’t give myself any constructive time out.
  • I wasn’t great at prioritising my personal development and felt wholly off kilter.
  • I never really considered myself creative or artistic and initially I began with a colouring book and some coloured pencils as a way of coping with the curve-balls of life. I noticed that when I was creative I felt calmer. My mind would slow down and I could deal with situations better.
  • And I wanted more.

Then came the Moon. Well………… had always been there, but that big beautiful orb in the sky stole my attention so often that I just had to know more. I’d already been introduced to the Moon in my witchy studies and I began to understand the importance of working with the cycles when practising magick.

So, I dived in deep and allowed myself to work with her rather than against her and I transformed my life for the better.

Then came the time to combine them all and the Lunar Witchcraft Creative Journal was born which is what I want to share with you.

What is the course all about?

During this course I will be guiding you on an amazing journey of self-discovering and adventure by giving you the tools you need to create a bespoke Moon Grimoire and accelerate your magickal lunar journey.

Let’s take a closer look inside:

  • Module 1: Getting started – Here we get familiar with the journey we’re about the embark on with a look at a history of the Grimoire, types of creative journaling and the right type of journal for you.
  • Module 2: Getting Creative – This is where I make you feel comfortable about embracing your creativity. With templates, tricks, tips and cauldrons of ideas I promise you will find a way to creatively journal which you will be super proud of.
  • Module 3: The Moon – Ahhh La Luna, here I will be taking you on a deep dive into the magick of our wonderful Moon. We will go through the phases, moon signs, elements and other aspects which are important for your journey. What you learn then goes into your journal with added insight into your personal relationship with the Moon too! Don’t worry you will be guided by me all the way.
  • Module 4: Your Astrology Chart – We’re not just creating a Wiki of information here, it’s a personal journey so we need to art-journal your chat and take a look at the Moon’s relationship to the cosmos on the day you were born. How exciting!
  • Module 5: Magick and The Moon – If you want to cast a spell using the power of the Moon then you need to know the best phase for a particular spell, right? Here we will look specifically at lunar magick, drawing down the moon, rituals and ceremonies.
  • Module 6: The Wheel of the Year – If we are learning to work with the cycles then we need to take a look at the Wheel of the Year and connect with the festivals in a super creative way.
  • Module 7: The Lunar Year – Now for the ‘ongoing journaling’ part of the journal. In module 7 we will look at journaling your way through the lunar year on a path of self-discovering and development. This is powerful stuff!

Bonus Module: The Moon and Divination – The Moon works so well tools such as tarot, oracle, runes and meditation and we will go into these practices in more details in this bonus module. I will even show you how to create your own rituals and spreads based on the specific energies of the 13 Moons.

How Much is the Course?

The price of this 16 week course with lifetime access to the members area, private Facebook group and me is:


You can choose to pay by:

  • 1 Instalment of £350
  • 5 Instalments of £70
  • 10 Instalments of £35


The doors open on 5th March and we will officially start with Module one on 1st May (Beltane). There will be some early release content coming too and we will be getting to know each other inside the Facebook Group.

There will be a limited number of places available at each intake to allow me to provide you with the best possible support on your journey.


Sign up today and get 6 Months of The Magickal Moon Club Membership included with the course. The information I share in The Magickal Moon Club with support your Lunar Journaling Journey.

Already a Magickal Moon Club member? Then come into the Facebook group and let me know you’re interested in signing up to get your bonus in a different way.

Who is this course for?

This course is for you if you:

  • Are drawn to working with the phases of the Moon but don’t know where to start
  • Currently feel stuck on your spiritual and personal development journey
  • Want to commit to getting more creative and trying something new
  • Would like to discover more about your emotions and behaviours and how to find balance and stability
  • Lack self-care and regularly feels stressed out, anxious or depressed
  • Want to embrace the magick and power of the Moon
  • Crave a bit of creativity, magick and witchery in your life

This course is not for you if:

  • Are not prepared to invest some time in your own journey
  • Want something you can just print out for later (this is hands on stuff)
  • Can’t give yourself permission to embrace a new magickal chapter of your life

Frequently Asked Questions: