Your Monthly Guide to Working with The Phases of the Moon

Do you want to work with the power of the moon, but don’t know where to start? – Then why not give the Magickal Moon Club a try!

What is the Magickal Moon Club?

The Magickal Moon Club is a monthly subscription online learning library and community which gives you everything you need to know about working with the energy of the Moon for the month ahead.

Each Moon Cycle you get the following content PLUS monthly training to support your lunar living journey:

  • Advanced Moon Phase Calendar for your Time Zone
  • Detailed Lunar Energy Guide for the Month Ahead
  • Separate New Moon and Full Moon Guides to explore the two major phases of the Moon each month
  • Exclusive Tarot and Oracle Card Spreads designed for the unique New and Full Moon energies each cycle
  • New Moon Live Online Manifestation Event where we prepare for the energy of each new lunar cycle together
  • Private members area and content library
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Monthly Training & Guest Speakers
  • Lunar Library where you can dive into any of the previous training’s and workshops

The Moon Club has enriched my life and empowered me to follow the NATURAL cycles of our moon.  The guidance I receive keeps me focused and on task, and my resistance has changed knowing that it is all about energy and working with it, not against it.  I am Grateful and Blessed by Sarah Cornforth’s gifts!

Nancy M

Moon Club Member

Currently in the Lunar Library:

March Lunar Cycle

Your Guide to Working with the Phases of the Moon through the March Lunar Cycle. Content includes:

* March Moon Guide Introduction
* March Lunar Cycle Live Replay
* Aries Season
* March Moon Cycle Calendars (for your time zone)
* New Moon in Pisces Guide, Workbook, Ritual and Tarot Card Spread
* Full Moon in Libra Guide, Workbook, Ritual and Tarot Card Spread
* Bonus – Introduction to Ostara

April lunar cycle content available by 1st April

How to Embrace Mercury Retrograde

The Science, The Myth, The Magick. Modules include:

* The astrology
* The astronomy
* The stages and what they mean for you
* How to find out if you were born during Mercury Retrograde
* And how to embrace these recurring energy periods throughout the year

The Moon and You

Your Personal Relationship with the Moon. Modules include:

* Moon Science
* Moon Signs & Elements
* Your Natal Chart, Moon Sign and Moon Phase
* Power Periods
* How to Understand the Moon and You

I LOVE how much information is included but it’s laid out so simply that I don’t feel overwhelmed. It’s all easy to follow and the artwork is stunning.

Sarah B

Moon Club Member

Sign Up to The Magickal Moon Club

Sign Up to The Magickal Moon Club

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Choose from 1 month, 6 month and 12 months subscription plans. If you join at the sale price before the 31st March you will keep the sale price upon renewal for as long as you are a member.

The Moon Club is amazing there is so much in there. The worksheets are easy to use and beautiful to look at. If your hovering over the subscribe button then hit it as you won’t be disappointed and don’t forget there’s a VIP Facebook group too!

Tracey L

Moon Club Member

Coming Soon……

Here’s a look at what’s coming soon inside the Lunar Library.

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