Modern Magick

Making Space for Magick

“Magick is something you create”

Sarah Cornforth

The Magickal Creatrix

What is Magick?

Magick is an energy, one that we can create anytime we want. 

It’s not something only accessible to a special few as we are sometimes led to believe. 

Magick is for everyone, but becoming an adult has made us forget about the magick that exists all around. 

Remember the Magick

When we were kids everything was magickal. Our younger selves experienced high levels of joy at the simple things. These things we now take for granted and the magick is almost forgotten.

Our busy lives, being constantly connected, responsibilities, productivity and generally being an adult has blinded us to the magick all around.

Magickally, we are switched off more than we are switched on.

Experiencing Magick feels frivolous, inefficient and silly. But imagine if something as simple as making space for magick could make you feel happier, healthier and more alive

Making Space for Magick

Magick needs to be invited in if we are to experience it whenever we want, and the easiest way to do this is to give it a home….. a place to hang out. 

Give Magick a Home in Your Home

Spaces dedicated to Magick are often referred to as altars. However for some this doesn’t feel right as it has connections with religion, ritual or witchcraft. 

Your Spiritual Space

Try not to see an altar as something that is for other people, instead see it as your own personal spiritual space. 

Consider that this space is a visual and practical place for you to focus your spiritual and personal intentions. 

The Power of Magickal Space

By dedicating a surface, shelf, table or alcove in your home to where you set your intentions, decorate through the season, display your crystals, draw tarot cards and keep sentimental items you are creating a powerful magickal space. 

By spending time in that space by showing up, doing the work, connecting with your inner self, spirit guides or other influences you may have (religious or not), you infuse that space with your own Magick.

 This Magick is a form of energy and all energy is attracted to more of the same. So now you have a space which not only attracts more Magick but emits it too!

This is now a powerful place of you to sit, reflect, journal, draw cards, meditate and much more.

I invite you to intentionally make space for Magick

There is a festival happening on 1st February called Imoblc. Imbolc is one of the eight festivals on the Wheel of the Year. 

Although the Wheel of the Year is an annual cycle of festivals observed by modern pagans you don’t need to be pagan or witchy to explore the energy and invite the magick. 

Create Space and Make Magick at Imbolc

By decorating your spiritual space (altar) with items that correspond with the energy of the seasons, the planet, the cosmos and the Wheel of the Year we assist our connection to the vibrational frequency of energy available to us at a specific time making it easier to explore on a personal level. 

Create an Altar Centrepiece

Inside Imbolc Magick I show you how to create a beautiful altar centrepiece to honour this festival giving you a focal point for the exploration and guidance available to you at this time.

All creativity emits a positive Magickal energy making the work you do even more powerful. 

Manifesting Money

Manifesting what we want in life is done through intention, visualisation and action, This becomes even more powerful with a focal point.

For Imbolc, my focal point is a hand-decorated box that I will nurture and feed with my intentions (in the form of items) to manifest more money into my life.

Inside Imbolc Magick I show you how to decorate your own money box, set your money intentions and nurture your box for maximum results. 

Join Imbolc Magick

If you would like to explore the energy of Imbolc in a way that encourages you to create space for Magick then you will love Imbolc Magick. 

Imbolc Magick is an online self-paced members area with video, PDF download and magickal inspiration giving you everything you need to explore your own Magick in a creative and practical way. 


Imbolc Magick

Celebrated on 1st February, Imbolc is the pagan celebration of light, life and awakening and marks the halfway point between the winter solstice and the spring equinox. 

Imbolc Magick is an online self-paced guide to working with the energies of Imbolc.