March Magickal Monthly Forecast

Welcome to March

Ahhh March, I love this time of the year as we finally start to see the potential end to winter. Those who know me well know that I have a real issue with February. It’s all because in the North East of the UK we get through December and January and feel as though we have escaped winter, and then along comes February with all of it’s snow, rain, hail and gales. No matter the fact that I know this February is still always a surprise to me. 

Decorating my altar

Something I have been doing during February however is collecting Lichen to dry out and decorate my altar space with. I love how it helps me create a gorgeous Magickal world for my crystals and cards to live in. 

In my local forest, the winds caused twigs and small branches covered in a type of fruticose lichen  known as Reindeer Lichen (Cladonia rangiferina) to be broken off and fall to the ground. I collected some of these up and took them home to dry out before using for decoration. 

Meditating daily 

Since the spiritual New Moon in Pisces on 23rd of February which provided the theme for the four week lunar cycle ahead I have made a commitment to meditate daily. I have to confess to being rubbish at meditating and having very little patience for sitting still but the message to take up this practice was coming at me from all angles, so I listened. 

I decided to invest in the app, as I find that making that small financial commitment can help me to work towards a goal. I’m actually getting on great. Well, relatively speaking. I wiggle and fidget like a toddler and my mind finds so many other places to go to……BUT……I am doing this for ten minutes a day without judgement for this lunar cycle to see what the results are by the next New Moon. I think the ‘no judgement’ part of this has been the key so far.

What’s Magickal This Month?

There’s so much Magickal Stuff happening at Magickal HQ this month. 

Darlington Moon Workshop

On 7th March I am hosting a live workshop in my home town of Darlington (North East UK). I can’t wait to spend an afternoon talking about working with the Moon in your daily life and exploring ways to get the most from the lunar cycles each month. At the time of writing this article there are a couple of places remaining. You can grab your spot by clicking the link below. 

Lunar Witchcraft Creative Journaling – Online programme

Here’s something just as exciting – I am opening the doors to my Lunar Witchcraft Creative Journaling online programme for the third time (I open twice a year) and I will be offering some out of this world bonuses for a limited time when the doors first open on 9th March. To make sure that you are the first to find out about the super special deals and to find out more about this online programme you can check out the link below and get your name on the waiting list. 

Magickal Moon Coven – COMING SOON! 

And just in case you’re not already giddy with excitement, I have something awesome on it’s way and it’s totally free! The Magickal Lunar Coven is a free online space coming your way in March. This will replace the Free Moon Bundle with some amazing added extras to guide you into a lunar loving, creative witchy life. To make sure that you don’t miss out of this when I launch you can still grab my Free Moon Bundle in its current form which will get you onto my mailing list and into the Magickal Lunar Coven around mid-March

Magickal Moments Podcast

The Magickal Moments Podcast is a podcast for lunar lovers and creative souls looking to improve their daily flow by working with the phases and cycles of the Moon in a super practical way.

There are lots of different ways you can subscribe to my podcast and you can find them all in my podcast launch article below.

Check out the episode which accompanies this article below.

March Theme

Northern Hemisphere

Spring! This is absolutely the theme for March for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere. 

On 1st March we have Meteorological Spring, then on 20th March we have the Vernal Equinox which signifies astrological Spring and the Wheel of the Year Festival of Ostara. We are entering a period of growth, prosperity and energy. Yay! 

Southern Hemisphere

Autumn! In the Southern Hemisphere 1st March signifies the end of Summer and the start of Autumn. On the 20th March instead of Ostara there will be the celebration of Mabon. The energy here is one of harvest and reward. 

Card of the Month

Every month I add to my Word of the Year Worksheet by drawing a tarot or oracle card. Throughout the year I still reflect on the Word of the Year but each month we have an additional theme or direction to nail down my focus even further. I encourage members of my free Facebook Group Moon & Craft to share their cards of the month photo’s and talk about the word of the month as the continue to complete the Word of the Year Worksheet. Come along and join us in Moon & Craft.

My Word for the Month of March is Stillness

My Word for the Month of March is Stillness. The word was determined from my card draw using The Wild Unknown Archetypes deck and the card which came up for me was The Pilgrim. This was actually also my card for January and in January the word I worked with in January was Inward.

Find out about more about my Word of the Year and Word of the Month explorations in the below article.

Setting Monthly Goals

I think it’s really important to set regular goals and in my planner I like to track goals in different areas of my life and business. I love this process as it helps me not to neglect areas of my life from month to month. 

Here are the categories I use: 

  • Creating
  • Learning
  • Reading
  • Listening
  • Watching
  • Doing

Other categories you may like to use include: 

  • Finance/Income
  • Health/Fitness
  • Self-Care

I encourage members of my free Facebook Group Moon & Craft to share their goals for the month ahead. Come along and join us in Moon & Craft.

The Moon & Other Celestial Events

What’s the Moon up to this Month?

Each of the 8 phases of the lunar cycle lasts approximately 3.7 days. It takes 29.53 days for the moon to complete one cycle of all its phases. This is a Lunar Month. 

The Moon spends approximately 2.5 days in each sign of the zodiac. The Moon completes a full orbit of the Earth relative to the stars and goes through all 12 signs of the zodiac in 27.32 days. This is a Lunar Orbit, also known as a Sidereal Month. 

All dates below are in the GMT timezone. To calculate for your timezone go to Time and Date

  • Waxing Crescent
  • 2nd March – First Quarter in Gemini
  • Waxing Gibbous
  • 9th March – SUPER Full Moon in Virgo
  • Waning Gibbous
  • 16th March – Last Quarter in Capricorn
  • Waning Crescent
  • 24th March – New Moon in Aries

If you would like more information on what each of these Moons mean for you then take a look at The Magickal Moon School where every Monday morning I share a post inside the private Facebook group guiding you through the lunar energies of the week ahead. 

What’s happening in the sky this month?

Mercury Retrograde

Mercury has been in Retrograde since 17th February and goes direct (out of retrograde) on 10th March. It will then end a post-shadow phase until 16th March where we use the time to reflect on the lessons learned during the retrograde phase. 

I have an online course all about working with the energy and themes of Mercury Retrograde which can be used every time. The next Mercury Retrograde phase will be in June 2020. 

The Science, The Myth & The Magick of Mercury Retrograde

Other Events

  • 9th March – Super Full Moon in Virgo. This full moon will seem larger and brighter than usual. 
  • 10th MarchMoon at Perigee (closest to the Earth all month)
  • 11th March – Moon at Aphelion (furthest from the Sun)
  • 9th March – Mercury reaches the highest point in the morning sky
  • 14th March – y-Normid Meteror Shower – Active from 25th Feb – 28th March and peaks 14th March
  • 18th March – Moon conjunct Mars, Juiter and Saturn – A positive astrological relationship where the planets are near each other in the nights sky
  • 20th MarchMarch Equinox – almost exactly 12 hours of day and night
  • 20th March – Sun Enter Aries
  • 20th March – Triple planet stellium in the sign of Capricorn (Jupiter, Mars, Pluto)
  • 21st MarchMoon at perihelion – Closest point to the Sun
  • 24th March – Micro New Moon in Aries. This new moon will be smaller than usual although not seen in the night sky as it is in the new phase of the cycle 
  • 24th MarchApogee Moon (furthest from the Earth)

Calendar Events

Things of Interest for March

The Moon

Working with the Moon in my daily life and as part of my personal journey and spiritual development has been incredible and I share everything with you in a number of ways: 

  • Lunar Witchcraft Creative Journaling – This online programme is a 6 month intensive look at working with the Moon, tapping into your inner witch and getting super creative with your journaling all in one! The programme doors open again in March and you can join the waiting list to make sure that you’re the first to know 
  • Grab my Free Moon Bundle – This is your essential guide to working with the phases of the Moon with a handy mobile phone download reference image to save and use on the go! 

Oracle and Tarot 

I’ve created two Oracle and Tarot Spread packs to support your personal and spiritual journey in 2020. 

  • Oracle & Tarot Spread Layout Mega-Bundle – 40 plus pages of guidance and spreads to take you through the year ahead. This pack includes 20 spreads over 6 life themes along with support and guidance on how to read your cards using a spread and ways to journal your readings for a deeper understanding. 
  • 24 Moons Mega Bundle – 30 plus pages of lunar oracle and tarot card spreads, one for every New and Full Moon in 2020. This pack includes and New and Full Moon spread for every month of the year in every sign of the zodiac. That’s actually 25 spreads in 2020 as we have two Full Moons in October. 
  • The Magickal Moon School – My monthly subscription online Moon School is the place to be if you want to take your lunar journey further in 2020. For just £9.98 a month I guide you through the phases of the Moon and your New and Full Moon practices each and every month. (Discounts available for longer subscriptions)

Staying Social 

I hang out on two main social media platforms, so why not come along and say hello. 

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