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March Super Full Moon in Libra

The Full Moon shines a light on our shadow and our shadow is the stuff we bury deep inside or hide in our subconscious. No wonder the Full Moon can feel intense!

When the Moon is Full there is an opposition between the Sun and the Moon and in astrology oppositions cause tension and challenge. The challenges we experience at each Full Moon are influenced by the energy of the signs both the Sun and Moon are in and for this Full Moon we have Aries Sun and Libra Moon.

What is a Super Full Moon?

As the Moon’s orbit of the Earth is elliptical it gets closer and further away from the Earth on its journey around the planet. 

During a Super Full Moon it is on its closest approach to the Earth, also known as Perigee and as a result it appears larger and brighter than usual. In fact it can look about 16% bigger than the average Full Moon. The opposite is known as a Micro-Moon. 

The Super Moon also has the greatest effect on the planet’s oceans and tides too.

The Crow Moon

Each of the Full Moon’s have a name and these can be different depending on where in the world you live.  The Crow Moon is our March Full Moon but it’s also known as the
Worm Moon, Sap Moon and Storm Moon.

Full Moon Energy

There is an energy associated with the Full Moon’s and I’ve put together a free guide for you outlining the energies of the Full Moon’s of 2019. You can grab this as part of my FREE Moon Bundle by clicking the link below.

The March Full Moon is all about Exploration as the energy begins to break free from it’s confines and things start to grow and evolve. Just look at how nature is behaving right now as we get enter Spring and new shoots are breaking through with great bursts of energy right in front of our eyes. It’s a magickal time for for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere right now.

Free Moon Bundle

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How Does a Full Moon Make you Feel?

I was born near a Full Moon which means I love this energy, although it can make me a little hyperactive. Saying that, I do find that I go the other way if it’s a Lunar Eclipse and I just can’t move.

How does a Full Moon make you feel?

What Phase was the Moon in When you were Born?

Finding out what phase the Moon was in when you were born can explain a lot about how you react to the Full Moon. Check out the below link to find our what the Moon was doing at your moment of birth.

The Power of a Full Moon

A full moon occurs when the Sun and the Moon are opposite each other and we see the full illuminated surface of the Moon in the sky. The Full Moon is not only shining a light on the planet but in the deepest corners of our own lives.

Full Moon’s can be an emotional time as things that were once hidden come to the surface. This is also a time when many people are more sensitive than usual or even more susceptible to the energy of the Moon generating unusual behaviours.

The Full Moon in the cycle represents a time of completion and I recommend your focus is now applied to completing projects you’ve already started and tying up loose ends. This is also a brilliant time to look back and celebrate how far you have come.

The next phase we enter into is the Disseminating (Waning Gibbous) Moon which is 3.5 days after the Full Moon and this is when we release and let go. Now you may currently practice releasing on a Full Moon, and if this works for you then that’s great however I follow the traditional practice of witches.

When is the March Full Moon?

The Libra Full Moon is on the 20th/21st March depending on where you live in the world.

Find out the exact date and time for where you are click below or check out the list of time zones below.

Working with the Full Moon

  • Visibility: 100%
  • Duration: 14 days – 17.5 days after New Moon
  • Keywords: Completion, Harvest, Results, Gratitude, Forgiveness

The Full Moon represents a time of completion, so focus on tying up those loose ends, finishing projects and completing spells.

During the time of the Full Moon, everything is at its maximum. This includes emotions, psychic energy, physiological activity. You may experience increased creativity, ideas and desires.

This is the time where you can benefit from:

  • Finishing projects
  • Bringing deals to a close
  • Preparing to release what no longer serves (3 days after the Full Moon)
  • Closing, cleansing and clearing
  • Reflecting on accomplishments so far
  • Journaling – Inside this months Magickal Moon Club I’ve included some great journaling prompts for you to explore
  • Divination – Inside this month’s Magickal Moon Club you will find my exclusive The Balance of Belief Tarot and Oracle Card Spread to work with during this phase.

The Magickal Moon Club Full Moon Guide

Inside the Magickal Moon Club right now you will find a 14 page Full Moon Guide and workbook packed full of information to support the energy of this Super Full Moon in Libra including:

  • Tarot Spreads
  • Energy Guides
  • Journaling Prompts and Pages
  • Ritual Instructions
  • Practical Advice
  • …..and much much more……

Join The Magickal Moon Club

If you would like to work with the the phases of the Moon come and check out The Magickal Moon Club.

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      Thank you so much for your lovely comment Maxine and you have nothing to apologise for at all. I’m just happy that what I do supports you during this difficult time. Blessed be. Sarah xx

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