Use the Power of the New Moon to manifest your dreams, goals, wishes and future. 

Every new Moon is different. Themed by a different sign of the zodiac each month, I show you how to tune into the specific lunar energies, set your intentions and make your dreams come true.

Manifest Your Dreams-min

Use the power of the Full Moon to recognise how far you have come.

That big beautiful full Moon reminds us to celebrate every month. By focusing on success, I show you how to get the most out of the energetic climax of the lunar cycle.

Celebrate Your Success-min (2)

Tune in to the phases of the lunar cycle and the signs of the zodiac to experience greater flow and ease.

During each lunar cycle, we experience eight unique phases, the themes of all 12 zodiac signs, and multiple conversations with other planets. I guide you through the changing energies and show you how to find greater flow, alignment and movement in your life.

Use Astrology Daily-min

Join me live for monthly Moon talks and Q&A sessions. 

Twice a month, I host a live chat inside the private Facebook Group to answer your questions and support your journey. Our Moon chats are the perfect time to enjoy the lunar energies together and dive a little deeper into the current lunar astrology and guidance.

Ask Learn Implement-min

Share your journey, experiences, challenges and ah-ha moments with myself and other lunar lovers who understand where you are coming from.

The private Facebook group and members area forum are available for you to connect with other lunar lovers, share your experiences, ask questions and be supported by myself and the other members.

Tune in and COnnect-min

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