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Mercury Retrograde and why you Shouldn’t Fear it

What’s all the fuss about Mercury Retrograde anyway?

Every time we get close to Mercury Retrograde my social media newsfeed starts pinging with panic and stories of what happened last time we went through this phase.

Mercury Retrograde happens 3-4 times a year and lasts 3 weeks with a pre-shadow and post-shadow energy phase too.

In 2019 Mercury Retrograde will occur three times compared to the four times we experienced it in 2017.

When is Mercury in Retrograde in 2019?

Retrograde 1 – Feb – April 2019

  • Stage 1 – Pre-Shadow – 19th Feb
  • Stage 2 – Retrograde Starts – 5th March
  • Stage 2 – Retrograde Ends – 28th March
  • Stage 3 – Post Shadow – 17th April

Retrograde 2 – June – August 2019

  • Stage 1 – Pre-Shadow – 20th June
  • Stage 2 – Retrograde Starts – 8th July
  • Stage 2 – Retrograde Ends – 1st August
  • Stage 3 – Post Shadow – 15th August

Retrograde 3 – October – December 2019

  • Stage 1 – Pre-Shadow – 11th October
  • Stage 2 – Retrograde Starts – 31st October
  • Stage 2 – Retrograde Ends – 20th November
  • Stage 3 – Post Shadow – 7th December

What is a planetary Retrograde?

Every planet goes into Retrograde at some point. A Retrograde is actually an optical illusion which makes a planet look as though it’s going backwards in the sky.

With this in mind, we can be forgiven for thinking that it symbolises going over old ground, looking into the past or repeating past events however that’s not the case. In fact, retrogrades can be great at helping us to move forward, to get into our power and learn to improve communication in lots of ways.

Mercury rules all types of communication including listening, speaking, learning, reading, researching, negotiating, selling and buying. This also covers contracts and agreements of any kind too. Surprisingly this also stretches to computer code, transportation, shipping and travel. Potentially, these are all areas which could experience some difficulties during this time.

Can you learn to love Mercury Retrograde?

Historically, it’s true that this is a period where communication can break down. Electrical equipment can stop working and being heard can be a struggle.

However, if you believe that Mercury Retrograde is a bad thing, then the Laws of Attraction and the Universe will just prove you right by dishing up lots of technical issues and communication problems. By not fearing the Retrograde you are actually taking your power back. So let’s do more of that!

My advice here is be prepared and go with the flow.

Top tips for getting through the Mercury Retrograde

  • Starting Something New
    Whatever you begin during Mercury Retrograde will be open to change and have an element of flexibility about it. This is great if you want to start something which will continue to evolve, develop and change. However, if you want something more set in stone or over and done with then the suggestion is to wait until the Retrograde has passed if it’s possible. This is only guidance, so try not to be concerned but instead be aware of this. Sometimes, it’s impossible to wait until later and you just have to go with it. You never know, the result may work out better for you in the long run.
  • Back up your Data
    Backing up your computer in the pre-shadow phase is recommended as electrical devices have a tendency to breakdown, require upgrading or some sort of maintenance during this time so protect yourself where you can.
  • Work on tasks which require extra focus
    During the Retrograde you may find you have a greater attention to detail so plan any work that requires that little bit extra from you during this time from 22nd March onward.
  • Do your Research
    This is also a great time for research so take advantage of this if you have something new you would like to find out more about
  • Release the Past
    You may notice that people from your past come back into your life during the Retrograde time, if they do, it’s likely that you need to resolve or release something from your past which involved this person. This doesn’t mean you’re going to bump into them in the street, but you may just see them from afar or hear about them. Do what you need to release the past and cut chords.
  • Stay Positive.
    Enter this phase with a positive mind and energy and don’t let any of the usual Retrograde issues stop you from getting on with your life in the best way possible.

Online Workshop

This month inside The Magickal Moon Club I have included an online workshop called How to Embrace Mercury Retrograde which goes through the energy of Mercury and we found out if you were born during a Mercury Retrograde too!

Online Workshop

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