The Science, The Myth & The Magick of Mercury Retrograde

Online Programme When Mercury the planet of communication appears to go backwards in the sky we all feel the astrological influences of this event in our daily lives. For some this can be challenging and for others it can be exciting however, we can all benefit from doing a little soul searching during this time. The Science, The Myth and The Magick of Mercury Retrograde is my online programme where I guide you through working with the powerful personal messages from Mercury in Retrograde These days many people have heard of Mercury Retrograde but perhaps for all the wrong reasons. Our social media news feed goes crazy with stories of technical issues, transport problems, emails going missing and much more. If we expect three weeks of problems and drama every time Mercury goes Retrograde……then that’s pretty much what we are going to get. Mercury is the planet of communication and movement. In Greek mythology he was the messenger of the Gods, and in Roman religion he was the God of the shopkeepers and merchants.  The astrological influence of Mercury covers so much including technology, travel and how we process and receive information.  During Mercury’s Retrograde phase we can spend time exploring the messages which become available to us during this time, and that’s what this online programme is all about. The Science, The Myth and The Magick of Mercury Retrograde guides you through a journey of inner exploration.  Rather than throwing your hands up in the air and deciding this is a time when everything goes wrong for you, instead I want you to work with the knowledge and support available to you. Mercury goes into Retrograde 3-4 times a year and you can work through this programme each and every time.  During each retrograde Mercury will activate a different life area in your natal chart for you to focus on. I will show you how to determine where you should place your focus and how to explore the theme further through journaling and the use of other personal development tools.  If you would like to know more about how this retrograde motion impacts our lives and the lessons we can learn as a result then sign up to my online programme – Mercury Retrograde, The Science the Myth and The Magick. When is the next Mercury Retrograde?  Here are the dates for Mercury Retrograde in 2020 (GMT) 17th February – 10th March  18th June – 12th July  14th October – 3rd November  You can find out more about the February Mercury Retrograde in my recent blog and podcast by clicking the link below. Did you know that Mercury Retrograde has three distinct phases?  The dates given above are the ‘actual’ time periods when Mercury is in retrograde however there is also a pre-shadow phase and a post shadow phase both with different characteristics and recommended actions.  Pre-Shadow Phase – Slowing down in preparation for MRx Mercury in Retrograde – Listening to and exploring your personal message  Post-shadow phase – Integrating what you have learned to move forward What will you learn? If Mercury Retrograde has sent you in a panic in the past, or perhaps the stir in your social media newsfeed is starting to make you feel uneasy, then check out my online programme where I show you how to see this regular cycle as a wonderful time of exploration and learning.  How is the Course Delivered? The course is delivered in a number of ways and you can choose which way is best for you. 1. Modules Inside the members area the modules are available for you to work through at your own pace. Modules are in the form of: PDF documents to download and print Video tutorials Challenges and suggestions 2. Facebook Group Support There is the private Facebook group where you share your progress and get inspiration and support from myself and the other members of the group.